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Songwriting Course

Learn how to write songs like a pro with this step-by-step course!
18.5 hours of video learning material
Certificate of completion
What you'll learn:
How to find the concept or idea for your songs
Poetic writing techniques
Different types of rhyming
Musical notation and harmony
How to produce your own songs
How to find your own voice and identity
How to avoid using cliches
The most common structures of different genres
How to play different songs
Music marketing and diffusion strategies
Who is this for:
Anyone who wants to learn to write songs - no experience needed!
Musicians/songwriters who want to learn new tools and find inspiration
Anyone with specialized needs (professional musicians, music teachers, sound engineers, songwriters)

What our customers say about this course

Sanjay Y.
I really love the course and i want to be great novel writer.I also want to have a conversation with the person who have build this course .Its really amazing .I feel writing is in my blood.
Easy to grasp the information, easy to understand.
Louise F.
Nice pace.

Curriculum for Songwriting course

25.5 hours of valuable material

5 sections • 22 lectures • 18h 38m total length
1 lecture • 6min
Introduction • 06:26
6 lectures • 4hr 35min
The Songwriting Mindset, Finding Your Voice • 37:01
Song Concept, The Idea • 27:18
Songwriting Techniques • 19:23
Song Mapping • 01:09:25
Literacy Devices in Poetry • 49:22
Song Mapping Practical Exercises • 01:12:32
Rhymes and Singing
3 lectures • 1hr 52min
Rhyme • 01:11:21
Singing I: Breathe in the Air • 20:30
Singing II: Tuning Exercises • 20:05
Music Theory
8 lectures • 4hr 21min
Musical Notation • 45:25
Intervals • 10:54
Chords • 31:18
Minor Scale • 36:27
Cadences • 23:51
Song Form • 29:55
Song Form Analysis in Different Genres • 58:46
Melody for Songwriting • 24:25
Music Production and Marketing
4 lectures • 7hr 44min
Producing Your Song Pt. 1 • 02:31:55
Producing Your Song Pt. 2 • 01:56:04
Producing Your Song Pt. 3 • 03:15:27
Last Words • 00:32

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