Learn everything about digital illustration in Procreate.
Over 435,214+ students took our courses
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What's included:
9.5 hours on-demand video
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of completion
What you'll learn:
How to use Procreate and its tools
The principles of illustrations in Procreate
How to sketch out, colour, render and master your art
The principles of drawing and sketching in Procreate
Who is this for:
Anyone who wants to learn to create digital art - no experience needed!
Anyone who wants to draw and sketch on an iPad
Artists who want to learn new styles
Anyone with specialised needs (cartoonists, digital artists, illustrators, animators, graphic designers)

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What's included

Learn everything about digital illustration in Procreate.
Learn How To Use Procreate
After taking this course, you will be able to:
Create digital art from scratch
Make strong creative decisions when illustrating
Animate and illustrate in Procreate
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Curriculum for Procreate

9.5 hours of valuable material

1 sections • 25 lectures • 9h 30m total length
Learn How To Use Procreate
25 lectures • 9hr 30min
Introduction • 01:12
What is Procreate and How to Download • 01:35
Getting Started • 03:08
Brushes Pt. 1 • 04:48
Brushes Pt. 2 • 08:19
Sketching and Hand Gestures • 04:33
Quickline and Quickshape • 01:53
Layers • 06:30
Clipping Masks • 02:28
Blending Modes • 01:40
Colours and Colour Adjustments • 09:43
Selection and Transform Tool • 05:58
Effects and Tweaks • 10:51
Illustrate With Me Pt. 1 • 01:01:03
Illustrate With Me Pt. 2 • 02:06:15
Illustrate With Me Pt. 3 • 42:11
Vectorial Illustration • 22:34
Realistic Illustration • 46:09
Halftone / Grunge Illustration • 13:44
Basics of Animation Pt. 1 • 19:31
Basics of Animation Pt. 2 • 43:51
Animating Your Piece • 01:55:04
Drawing on 3D Models • 07:55
Export, Time-lapse and Final Thoughts • 08:42
Last Words • 00:33

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Learn everything about digital illustration in Procreate.
Over 435,214+ students took our courses
Get Access To Full Course