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Greek Language

Greek Language Course

Do you want to learn Greek but think it's too hard? Have you tried other methods but failed? Learn Greek the easy way with our complete Greek language course.
16 hours of video learning material
Certificate of completion
What you'll learn:
200+ most useful vocabulary words
Proper Greek pronunciation
Greet people and introduce yourself both formally and casually
Pronounce words correctly without hearing them first
Who is this for:
Anyone who wants to start learning Greek for any purpose - traveling, business, dating, studies, or anything else, this course has you covered
Anyone who wants to advance quickly in their Greek language journey - in a way that's easy, fun and fast

What our customers say about this course

Raphael T.
Loved this course! Thank you!
Radu Dan P.
Very detailed explanations that cover the topics exhaustively.
Mirela D.
Alexandra is a great teacher,pleasant voice&a high level of pedagogical style.She simply makes U assimilate Greek very quick&easy! Highly recommend her!!! I just wait her to teach here extremely soon intermediate and advanced level!!!
Barbara M.
I'm loving it, I'm learning stuff I should have gone to Greek school for but I was never allowed to go.

Thank you
Amy D R.
The speaking is clear and the explanations are very helpful.
Stephan R.
I was easy to follow and the explanations were spot on. I know a ligo amount of Ellinika, and the explanation of the Three characters of Sigma cleared up a lot of questions for reading signs.
Matina S.
Yia sou ! I am really enjoying the pace of this course and how it is organised. Thank you so so much.
Peter B.
I am an Austrian (i.e. German-speaking) and I am impressed and enthusiastic so far. I couldn't have had a better introduction. I am already pretty sure that this course will bring me to a good level of this fascinating, wonderful language. I hope that there will be a course for advanced learners by the same author. This course is particularely helpful for me, because I work simultaneously with textbooks for self-learners. This way, the progress is almost guaranteed.

Curriculum for Greek Language Course

16 hours of valuable material

3 sections • 44 lectures • 16h 13m total length
Chapter 1
35 lectures • 7hr 46min
The alphabet • 14:20
Diphthongs, Intonation Marks and Reading • 15:15
Greetings • 12:46
Manners • 13:06
Numbers • 07:49
Gender, Number and Case • 13:11
Colours • 15:17
Declining Nouns in -ος • 23:56
Present Tense Verbs Pt. 1 • 13:37
Food • 09:50
Declining Neutral Nouns in -ο, -ι • 14:03
Present Tense Verbs Pt. 2 • 10:06
Animals & Verbs • 09:24
Declining Feminine Nouns in -α, -η • 13:08
The Preposition “Σε” • 21:29
Practice & Build • 19:10
Telling the Time • 10:05
The Date • 17:38
Family • 09:20
Emotions • 10:47
The Body Parts • 11:42
Characteristics • 12:53
The Negative and Question forms • 13:44
Personal Pronouns • 15:19
The House • 09:26
The Bathroom • 12:54
The Kitchen • 10:09
Giving Directions • 17:27
Reading practice • 19:43
Personality • 12:27
The Supermarket • 08:55
Clothes • 10:59
The Weather • 11:56
The verb: To Like • 11:55
Put it all together • 12:39
500 Most Useful Greek Phrases
5 lectures • 2hr 4min
Travel • 26:28
Business • 25:06
Restaurants • 24:30
Shopping • 26:26
School • 21:35
Bonus: Learn Greek Music
4 lectures • 6hr 23min
Part 1 • 02:09:27
Part 2 • 02:11:30
Part 3 • 02:01:22
Last Words • 00:37

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