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Take any song idea and turn it into a professional-sounding song - and we’re here to teach you how!
9.hours of video learning material
1 downloadable resources
Certificate of completion
What you'll learn:
How to use Cubase and its elements
The principles of audio editing in Cubase
Bouncing and exporting your mix to suit your needs
How to get and use different plugins
Who is this for:
Anyone who wants to learn to create music - no experience needed!
Musicians who want to learn the basics of a new DAW
Anyone with specialised needs (DJs, producers, musicians, audio editors)

What our customers say about this course

Paul H.
He does repeat Etc alot but the content is juist what you need even if you are an intermediate user. Also a calming experience to be taught this way
Beniamin M.
It is a great starting course for Cubase Elements. I recommend it!
Samir M.
great course.. i had never seen this types of course before

this is amazing course
Matias F.
Great course for beginners. Recommended.

Curriculum for Cubase

9 hours of valuable content

1 section • 11 lectures • 8h 58m total length
Complete Cubase Megacourse: Beginner to Expert
11 lectures • 8hr 58min
System Setup and Project Creation • 01:04:55
Organizing the Session: Adding Tracks • 22:10
Recording your first track! • 11:09
Mixing in Cubase • 01:03:54
Mixing in Cubase pt. 2 • 59:24
Mixing in Cubase pt. 3 • 01:09:17
Mixing in Cubase pt. 4 • 01:05:56
Mixing in Cubase pt. 5 • 48:15
MIDI Drums • 01:01:12
Drum Editing • 01:11:43
Last Words • 00:29

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Hours of video content
Different skills
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