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You'll learn the intricacies of prompt engineering, including how to initiate conversations, guide the model's responses, and handle dynamic user inputs. By understanding and manipulating ChatGPT's parameters, you'll be equipped to adapt the model to a wide array of contexts and applications.

13 hours of video learning material
Certificate of completion
What you'll learn:
How to set up a ChatGPT account and navigate the interface
Advanced features of ChatGPT, including performing tasks and entertainment purposes
Digital marketing concepts and strategies with ChatGPT, including SEO and social media marketing
Design principles for creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites with ChatGPT
Basics of chatting with ChatGPT, including voice and text interactions
Best practices for using ChatGPT, including security and privacy considerations
Building a website with ChatGPT, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Basic programming concepts and syntax using ChatGPT examples, including data types, variables, conditional statements, loops, functions, and modules
Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to improve their language processing and text generation skills - no experience needed!
Professionals who want to enhance their productivity and efficiency with natural language processing (NLP) automation and AI tools
Anyone who has already started working with ChatGPT, but wants to advance their skills and take their language processing and text generation capabilities to the next level

What our customers say about this course

Tom K.
This course is amazing. Pleasant voice with enough patience to cover everything enough times until it stucks in your head. 
Selena A.
Excellent teacher, spends extra time to explain and make things perfect, covers everything. Amazing!
Felix S.
Good course. Basics are covered well.

Curriculum for ChatGPT

13 hours of valuable material

4 sections • 41 lectures • 12h 52m total length
Introduction to Chatting with ChatGPT
10 lectures • 3hr 53min
Introduction to the Course • 01:12
Introduction to ChatGPT • 22:46
Basics of Chatting with ChatGPT • 18:07
Advanced Features of Chatting with ChatGPT • 30:29
Entertainment Questions • 14:26
Useful Extensions to Improve ChatGPT • 18:31
Prompt Templates • 37:10
ChatGPT Writer • 05:03
ChatGPT with Philosophical and Motivational Topics • 42:31
Playing and Creating Games with ChatGPT • 43:09
Digital marketing with ChatGPT
10 lectures • 3hr 25min
Introduction to the Module • 02:00
Introduction to Digital Marketing with ChatGPT • 21:28
Using ChatGPT for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • 25:14
Identifying Target Keywords with ChatGPT • 27:55
Optimizing Content for Search Engines with ChatGPT Pt. 1 • 21:31
Optimizing Content for Search Engines with ChatGPT Pt. 2 • 21:59
Introduction to Social Media Marketing with ChatGPT • 02:27
Social Media Strategy with ChatGPT • 39:10
Effective Social Media Content with ChatGPT • 10:33
Analyzing Social Media Metrics with ChatGPT • 32:17
Building a Website with ChatGPT
11 lectures • 3hr 36min
Introduction to the Module • 01:53
Introduction to Website Development with ChatGPT • 02:02
Understanding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript • 02:09
Building a Simple Website with ChatGPT • 28:41
Integrating ChatGPT into a Website • 25:09
Building a website with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript • 41:43
Principles of Good Website Design • 29:28
Designing a Website with ChatGPT • 17:07
Incorporating media into a Website with ChatGPT Pt. 1 • 22:28
Incorporating media into a Website with ChatGPT Pt. 2 • 10:59
Testing and Debugging a Website with ChatGPT • 33:57
Programming Basics
10 lectures • 1hr 59min
Introduction to the Module • 02:34
Introduction to Programming and Its Importance • 01:25
Basic Concepts of Programming • 05:27
Adding Functionality by Coding Website with ChatGPT Pt. 1 • 21:33
Adding Functionality by Coding Website with ChatGPT Pt. 2 • 16:18
Coding a Water Intake Tracker with ChatGPT • 10:17
Brushes Pt. 4 • 14:01
Brushes Pt. 5 • 38:28
Workflows of Sculpting • 04:43
Dyntopo • 11:25
Remesh and How to Combine it with Multires Modifier • 28:50
The Three Phases of Sculpting Anything • 17:58
Additional Coding Features of ChatGPT Pt. 1 • 16:32
Additional Coding Features of ChatGPT Pt. 2 • 25:21
Additional Coding Features of ChatGPT Pt. 3 • 18:56
Last Words • 00:39

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