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Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate

Everything you need to know from opening the program for the very first time to finalising and exporting your finished animation.
12 hours of video learning material
Certificate of completion
What you'll learn:
How to use Adobe Animate
The most important principles of animation
Animating scenes with symbols
To understand the program’s interface and how to get around it
Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to learn to animate - no experience needed!
Anyone with a desire to learn!
Artists who want to learn new styles

What our customers say about this course

William S.
Very great tutorial for super beginner to learn the tool and basic properties. Thankyou so much.
Optronic S.
amazing ! amazing i learned a lot from this lesson
Brel E.
i learned alot of stuff so far that i never knew before
Santiago Agudelo G.
What an amazing course. The teacher covers a lot of info and tools, pretty fun!
Richolda M.
very intense but informative - Had to watch some videos more than once but glad i did :-)
Vijay S.
Omer Ben S.
Very friendly and professional course recommended indeed!
Mary V.
This is great. Used flash extensively like 15-20 years ago, and this is a really great refresher.
Mohammed Shalan A.
It is really wonderful and unique in the explanation and concise and useful good luck

Curriculum for Adobe Animate

12 hours of valuable material

4 sections • 22 lectures • 12h 2m total length
4 lectures • 1hr 14min
Interface and Tools • 24:36
Layers • 13:44
Timeline • 16:12
Symbols • 19:50
The 12 principles of Animation
8 lectures • 3hr 12min
Timing, Spacing and Easing • 30:20
Squash and Stretch • 22:22
Straight Ahead and Pose-to-pose • 10:50
Arcs • 06:42
Anticipation • 18:29
Overlapping Action and Follow Through • 31:44
Secondary Action • 52:52
Exaggeration, Appeal, Solid Drawing and Staging • 19:02
7 lectures • 6hr 4min
Building a Cutout Character 1 • 59:28
Building a Cutout Character 2 • 20:52
Animating a Scene with Symbols 1 • 01:06:37
Animating a Scene with Symbols 2 • 35:20
Frame-to-frame Animation Demo 1 • 31:26
Frame-to-frame Animation Demo 2 • 47:21
Frame-to-frame Animation Demo 3 • 01:42:35
Bonus: Speed Art
3 lectures • 1hr 33min
Building a Character • 41:25
Frame-to-Frame Animation• 50:39
Last Words• 00:30

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Hours of video content
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