Unexpected Ways to Find Motivation

Fact-checked by Layla Saman
Updated on: January 24, 2023

Stuck? You have a plan and know what you want, but you are in slow motion. No worries. It is normal to feel that your goal is far away, and you want to give up. To regain your enthusiasm, it's necessary to: first analyze why you are unmotivated and, second, try unexpected ways to find motivation.

Here are 7 reasons why your motivation may be going down the drain:

  1. Fear: It paralyzes. This feeling prevents you from taking new risks or getting out of your comfort zone.
  2. Poorly set goals: Setting generic, irrelevant goals and not measuring your progress can demotivate you.
  3. Values conflict: When you act against your roots, it affects you emotionally, and you get discouraged.
  4. Lack of learning: Acquiring knowledge challenges you and keeps you active. When you stop doing it, you get bored quickly.
  5. Grief: They are painful and inevitable moments that bring you down. Each person recovers differently.
  6. Loneliness: At some point, we have to be alone. Not dealing with loneliness causes negative emotions and thoughts.
  7. Burnout: Your body has a limit. When you exceed it, fatigue and stress prevent you from thriving.

Are you experiencing any of these situations? Then, if you are unmotivated, you are in the right place to find ideas and start working on your motivation. 💪💪

28 unexpected ways to find motivation:

1. Prioritize your values

This is the master key. Connecting what you do to your values improves everything. For example, responsibility. We are responsible for our work, academic, or relationship commitments but forget to be for ourselves. Do unhealthy habits and postponed goals ring a bell for you? 

2. Remember your WHY

Pop up your purpose. Write it down into a one-liner. Ask yourself what motivates you: your family, a promise, your self-esteem, leaving a legacy, serving others, or self-fulfillment.

3. Learn, learn, learn

New knowledge is an excellent source of motivation. Limiting your education prevents you from seeing reasons to move above and beyond where you are. Expanding your mind can open many doors, from new life perspectives to a new career path. Joining educational platforms is an excellent option!

4. Help others

When you help others, you feel valuable. This feeling keeps you motivated. A small action, such as giving to a colleague or volunteering in an NGO, reminds you that you are part of something bigger. You make a positive impact on others' lives.

5. Positive company

Negativity breeds negativity. When you surround yourself with those focused on the dark side of life, their attitude affects your thoughts, energy, and mood. Interact with individuals determined to stay positive and overcome life challenges.

6. An ideal future

The promise of a better future keeps you motivated to give your best. If you have a clear vision of your desired life, bring to the table that powerful possibility. Commit to the dreams that energize and keep you on the right track.

7. Role models

Read biographies of people you admire most. What did they do to get motivated? Then, select the best advice to see how it boosts you.

8. Listen to upbeat music.

Do you need to motivate yourself quickly? Listen to a song you like that's upbeat, inspiring, and energetic. Also, you can dance and jump like a crazy person while you do it. After the song finishes, dive straight into your task.

9. Do it by choice

If you tell yourself: "I have to do this" or "I must do that," you can lower your motivation. You exercise your autonomy and decision power when you choose to do something. Changing the way you verbalize can have a very positive influence on how you feel. Put the word on your side!

10. Break tasks into pieces

Visualize a long ladder. Each step gets you closer to the top, and that motivates you. Apply that, breaking big tasks into smaller and reachable activities. Focus first on the ones that allow you to move on to others.

11. Set a timer

If you start feeling frustrated in pursuing your goal, put 30 minutes on a clock and see how much you can accomplish. Make a pause, stretch or dance one song and then start again.

12. Green everywhere

Colors inspire us! Green gives a boost in motivation and sparks creativity. Decorate your place with this color, or look at greenery to center your mind.

13. Face your fears

An effective tactic to eliminate negative energy is to face it head-on. Write down all the things that hold you back and scare you about your goal. Seeing them will reduce your uncertainty and allow you to create action plans if your fears come true. 

14. Look for inspiration

When you don't have the wherewithal to keep trying, look for motivational quotes and put them on your desk, mirror or wallpaper.

15. Listen to powerful words.

Find people who have been where you are. If you are listless, put in your headphones and listen to an inspiring podcast or TED Talk. Take your time, go for a walk and then go back with a refreshed mind.

16. Use an app

Do you feel uncomfortable sharing your goals with your friends or coworkers? A technique to hold yourself accountable is to use an app to help you challenge yourself alongside people with similar interests.

17. Own rewards

What is that Christmas or birthday present that you are longing for? It will be the reward for your effort. Set a smart goal and reward yourself if you meet it in time!

18. Shut off the world

Distractions are like fried chips. They give you pleasure but affect your health. Web surfing, series, emails, and chilling seem productive or motivating but are distractions. Turning them off for a while and focusing on your tasks is necessary. 

19. Cold water

When you shower before starting your routine, put the water as cold as you can resist for 30 seconds. It will help to activate your brain and prepare you to get going.

20. Recall the feeling

Think of moments that have made you so happy. Second, relive them in your mind: Who was with you; where were you; how were you dressed; what did you feel in your stomach and chest; there was a particular smell; how was the weather?

21. Try hot-desking

An easy way to get yourself motivated is to work someplace new. Your places must-have qualities that help you focus, like a cool temperature or natural light. You can try libraries, co-workings, or rooftops.

22. Be a mentor

Make yourself available to newer coworkers, classmates, and comers from professional social networks. Supporting someone else achieve a goal or seeing their effort will motivate you to work on your projects.

23. Build anticipation

If you are inspired and want to reach a goal, wait a while. Set a future date and make that your starting point. Mark it on the calendar. In the meantime, establish your next steps. You build anticipation and increase your motivation by delaying your start.

24. Post your goal

Share your goal in big words. Describe it like a mantra: Run 35 mins daily. Post it visibly in different spots at home and at work. Powerful reminders keep you focused and excited. A picture or drawing of your goal also helps.

25. Commit publicly

None of us likes to risk our image. You will go the extra mile to accomplish something you've announced because it's shameful to back down. Do it in your social networks, blog, or chat groups. Give progress updates to everyone each x time.

26. Strike a high-power pose

Body language is crucial. It influences how others perceive you and even your internal body chemistry. For example, with a high-power pose, you take up a great deal of space. Your body is open rather than hunched up. Chest out. Arms spread, no slouch. Are you a dancer, actor, or singer? So you know how posture affects your performance.

27. Chocolat

This low-tech hack can push your motivation: Eat chocolate. It increases serotonin which promotes calm, and phenylethylamine, which boosts stimulation. Also, it triggers a dopamine release, elevating your heart rate and increasing your motivation.

28. Make a contract

Use your computer or a platform to write an informal contract that helps you achieve goals and set new habits. Ask a friend to monitor your progress. Put up some money. If you succeed, you get it back. If you fail, your friend donates it to a charity of your choice.

You have the tools to keep your motivation to the fullest. Save this article in your bookmarks to have it at your fingertips whenever you're feeling down. Nothing can stop you!

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