Teachable Free Trial: Your New Place for Creating Courses

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Updated on: June 18, 2023

When testing whether an online course meets your expectations, you can do it best with a trial period. 

Let's go deep into the Teachable Free Trial!

What is Teachable?

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Teachable is an online platform that helps people create and sell their courses online. It provides all the tools and features needed to create and manage an online course, such as uploading videos, completing quizzes, and organizing course content.

With Teachable, you can build your own online school or learning platform without technical knowledge. 

Teachable Free Trial Features

Here are the features available during a Teachable free trial:

  • Course Creation Tools
  • Loading Videos
  • Customization Options
  • Content Hosting
  • Student Management
  • Discussion Forums
  • Basic Quizzing
  • Payment Processing
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • Analytics and Reporting

Users can access various features during the teachable free trial, including course creation tools, marketing options, customization capabilities, and student management functionalities. 

Teachable Free Trial For Creators

Creators have various ways to adjust their courses in Teachable to meet their needs or improve the learning experience for their students. Here are some common methods:

  1. Course Content Updates:

Creators can easily update their course content within Teachable. They can modify existing lessons, add new lessons, or remove outdated material. This allows them to keep the course content fresh and relevant.

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  1. Multimedia Enhancements: 

Teachable allows creators to enrich their courses with multimedia elements. They can add videos, audio files, images, and PDF documents to enhance the learning experience and provide additional resources to students.

  1. Quizzes and Assessments:

Creators can adjust quizzes and assessments within their courses. They can modify existing questions, add new ones, or restructure the quiz format to better evaluate student understanding and progress.

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  1. Course Structure and Organization: 

Teachable provides tools for creators to adjust the structure and organization of their courses. They can rearrange lessons, create sections or modules, and provide clear navigation for students to follow the course flow seamlessly.

  1. Communication and Engagement: 

Creators can actively engage with their students through Teachable communication features.

Teachable Free Trial for Students

Teachable gives you the freedom to give a free trial to your users too!

Since the courses in Teachable are adjusted and made by the creators, the Free Trials options may differ for students.

Here are the options of what you can adjust when offering a course:

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  • Course Preview: 

Providing access to a few selected lessons or modules, allowing students to get a glimpse of the course before committing to enrollment.

  • Implementation of Parameters:

You can control course access duration to all students on a specific date or each student a specified amount of time.

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  • Email your Students: 

Notify your students to let them know they will lose access soon.

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  • Free Course Sections: 

You can showcase the value and quality of their content, encouraging students to enroll in the full course.

  • Limited-Time Access: 

Provide free access to the course for a specific duration, such as a week or a month, allowing students to explore the content and decide if they want to continue with the paid enrollment.

How to get Started with Teachable Free Trial?

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Getting started with Teachable Free Trial is simple and easy, lets see a step by step:

  1. Visit the Teachable website
  1. Sign up for an account: On the Teachable homepage, look for a button that says "free Trial” and Click on it.
  1. Create your account: Fill in the required information, including your name, email address, and password. Alternatively, you may have the option to sign up using your Google or Apple account.
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  1. Set up your school: After creating your account, you'll be prompted to set up your online school. Provide a name for your school, which will be the name associated with your courses. 
  1. Answer the Questions: During the onboarding survey, you have to answer questions like if you're a business owner and identify the most relevant topic of your business. This category represents your business, the size of your audience, and so on.

Benefits and Limitations of Teachable Free Trial

Exploration: This gives you an opportunity to understand how Teachable works and assess whether it meets your needs as a course creator.
Course Creation: This gives you a chance to experience the course creation process and familiarize yourself with the platform's tools and capabilities.
Customization: You can select themes, modify colors and fonts, and add branding elements to create a personalized look for your online school.
Student Management: This helps you monitor student engagement and performance.
Basic Quizzing and Analytics: Access basic analytics and reporting to gain insights into course performance and student engagement.
Time Limit: The free trial period is usually
limited in duration, typically 14 days. This means you have a restricted time frame to explore and evaluate Teachable features before deciding whether to upgrade to a paid plan.
Transaction Fees: $1 +10%  
Access to Premium Features: Some advanced features and functionalities may not be available during the free trial. 
  Limited Support: Free trial users may have
limited access to customer support compared to paid subscribers. 

Teachable Plans 

Teachable offers different pricing plans that cater to varying needs. Here is a brief explanation of Teachable plans:

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Basic Plan

For $39 per month, this plan offers more features and customization options. It includes features such as graded quizzes, integrated payment processing, student management, and basic analytics.

Pro Plan

For $119 per month, this plan offers advanced features, including no transaction fees on course sales, advanced theme customization, priority customer support, and bulk student enrollments.

Business Plan

For $499 per month, this plan is designed for established course creators and businesses. It includes all the features of the Professional Plan along with additional features such as advanced theme customization, custom user roles, bulk email marketing, and advanced reports.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a teachable free trial offers a risk-free way for individuals or organizations to explore the Teachable platform and decide whether it's the right fit for their online course creation or learning needs.

Whether for you as the creator or for your students, a free trial can be beneficial to explore the platform, give students a taste of your courses and see if they want to invest in it.


Does Teachable offer a free trial?

Yes, Teachable offers a 14 day Free Trial.

What features are included in the Teachable free trial?

customization options, basic student management, basic quizzes, and basic analytics.

Are there any limitations or restrictions during the Teachable free trial?

Yes, there may be certain limitations or restrictions during the Teachable free trial. These can include transaction fees on course sales, limited access to advanced features, limited customer support, and specific usage or duration restrictions.

Can I upgrade my account during the free trial?

Yes, you can upgrade your account to a paid plan at any time during the free trial period. Upgrading allows you to access additional features and remove any limitations that may be present in the free trial.

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