Best 75 Success Quotes (Handpicked)

Fact-checked by Layla Saman
Updated on: January 30, 2023

Quotes are like your opinions revisiting you under someone else's name. The right words at the right moment can impact your emotions and mood.

Benefits of positive quotes:

  • They can motivate you to overcome tough times
  • Reading them encourages you to take action
  • Applying the quotes makes you avoid procrastinating
  • They may push you to leave your comfort zone
  • Positive quotes help to inspire your team
  • Finally, they stimulate you to invest in your personal growth

As you may have seen, successful people share a similar way of thinking that has helped them to get where they are. Find yours! Here are 75 success quotes to inspire you to overcome barriers or failures.

Short success quotes

These quotes may work like your new mantra. You can quickly memorize and repeat them whenever you need to.

1.   “Either you run the day or the day runs you.” — Jim Rohn

2.   “Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.” — Bo Jackson

3.   “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” — Herman Melville

4.   “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” — Thomas Jefferson

5.   “Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion.” — Tony Hsieh

6.   “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” — Walt Disney

7.   “If you can dream it, you can do it.” — Walt Disney

8.   “Success is dependent on effort.” — Sophocles

9.   “To be prepared is half the victory.” — Miguel de Cervantes

10.   “Much effort, much prosperity.” — Euripides

11.   “There is little success where there is little laughter.” — Andrew Carnegie

12.   “Success is falling nine times and getting up ten.” — Jon Bon Jovi

13.   “Failure is success if we learn from it.” — Malcolm Forbes

14.   “Success is that old ABC - ability, breaks, and courage.” — Charles Luckman

15.   “When you win, nothing hurts.” — Joe Namath

Success quotes about attitude

Your attitude in facing setbacks and difficulties makes all the difference when pursuing a goal. Find the quote that energizes you and boosts your positive vibes.

  1. “I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate.” — George Burns
  2. “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” — Herman Melville
  3. “Personal satisfaction is the most important ingredient of success.” — Denis Waitley
  4. “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” — Vince Lombardi
  5. “The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.” — Robert Kiyosaki
  6. “A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning.” — Billie Jean King
  7. “To design the future effectively, you must first let go of your past.” — Charles J. Givens
  8. “The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.” — Zig Ziglar
  9. “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” — Bruce Lee
  10. “I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure. It is: Try to please everybody.” — Herbert Bayard Swope
  11. “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” — Albert Schweitzer
  12. “Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life; it's about what you inspire others to do.” — Unknown
  13. “There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.” — Ray Goforth
  14. “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.” — Anonymous
  15. “Don't let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.” — Robert Kiyosaki
  16. “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt
  17. “The only one who can tell you “you can’t win” is you and you don’t have to listen.” —Jessica Ennis
  18. “Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” — Dalai Lama
  19. “Be a positive energy trampoline – absorb what you need and rebound more back.” — Dave Carolan
  20. “Our thoughts and imagination are the only real limits to our possibilities.” — Orison Swett Marden
  21. “You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction.” — George Lorimer
  22. “The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.” ― Roseanne Barr
  23. “You might well remember that nothing can bring you success but yourself.” ― Napoleon Hill
  24. “Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” — Dale Carnegie
  25. “There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind.” — Mister Rogers
  26. “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty." — Winston Churchill
  27. “Stay away from those people who try to disparage your ambitions. Small minds will always do that, but great minds will give you a feeling that you can become great too.” — Mark Twain
  28. “When you change your thoughts, remember to also change your world.”— Norman Vincent Peale
  29. “It is only when we take chances, when our lives improve. The initial and the most difficult risk that we need to take is to become honest.” — Walter Anderson
  30. “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” — Winston Churchill

Success quotes about effort

Getting to success requires hard work, and staying on top requires it too. So choose the quote that keeps you focused and empowered.

  1. “Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” — Bill Bradley
  2. “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” — Pele
  3. “Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success.” — Virat Kohli
  4.  “The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.” — John C. Maxwell
  5.  “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.” — Stephen Hawking
  6. “Success usually comes to those who are too busy looking for it.” — Henry David Thoreau
  7.  “If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” — Steve Jobs
  8. “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” — Thomas Edison
  9. “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” — Tony Robbins
  10. “It’s not about better time management. It’s about better life management” — Alexandra of The Productivity Zone
  11. “We don’t just sit around and wait for other people. We just make, and we do.” — Arlan Hamilton
  12.  “Try not to become a man of success, but rather become a man of value.” — Albert Einstein
  13. “One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” — Benjamin Disraeli
  14.  “The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs, one step at a time.” — Joe Girard
  15.  “I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realise I should have been more specific.” — Lily Tomlin
  16. “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” — Henry Ford
  17. “I invite everyone to choose forgiveness rather than division, teamwork over personal ambition.” — Jean-Francois Cope
  18.  “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” — Stephen R. Covey
  19.  “Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” — Warren Buffet
  20.  “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” — Colin Powell
  21. “If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.” — Jim Rohn
  22.  “Some people dream of success while others wake up and work.” — Unknown
  23. “Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” — Thomas Edison
  24. “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” — Vidal Sassoon
  25.  “Success is the sum of small efforts - repeated day in and day out.” — Robert Collier
  26. “Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success.” — A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
  27.  “Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.” — Oscar Wilde
  28.  “To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart.” — Thomas J. Watson
  29.  “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” — Thomas Jefferson
  30. “Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.” — Arnold H. Glasow

Did you find the quote that will help you hit the big time? Before closing your browser window, check this formula to be successful:

Setting smart goals + Boosting your creativity * Being a proactive learner = SUCCESS.

Applying these three elements to your daily life will help you pursue success and achieve your dreams.

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