Side Hustle Ideas

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Updated on: January 19, 2023

Monotony is the worst ingredient in a relationship or at work. Avoiding it is very easy! Do different activities, learn something new, face challenges, and set SMART goals. An excellent way to do this without losing your job stability is to have a side hustle. And who doesn't need extra money with rising inflation?

How to know if a side hustle is your matter?

Taking risks, exploring new options, and getting out of your comfort zone are challenging. You may want to do something new and don't know where to start. Here are 11 reasons why a side hustle may be an excellent option for you. If you meet at least 3, it's time to take a step forward and leave your fears behind.

  1. You are passionate about design, trends, innovation, and expression. 
  1. You always have many ideas in mind and are easily inspired.
  1. People call you a doer. You are full of energy and eager to try new stuff.
  1. The best option for you is a flexible activity because you are a caregiver.
  1. You feel your potential is wasted with what you do daily at work.
  1. The working day is in your favor, and you can do more activities in your free time.
  1. You need more than your salary to meet your place and family needs.
  1. You are riddled with debts and want to earn more money to pay them off soon.
  1. Being productive and making the most of your time gives you satisfaction.
  1. You like to learn how to use new programs and tools on the computer. 
  1. You have a mobility problem and prefer to do some activities from home.

If these reasons are not enough and you still need to convince yourself about the advantages of a side hustle, look at the benefits it can bring you.

Benefits of a side hustle

  • Earn extra cash
  • Flexitime
  • Expand your network
  • Change your routine
  • Boost your creative side
  • Play on your skills
  • Home comfort
  • Acquire new knowledge

Now you know why a side hustle benefits you. Are you ready to discover side hustle ideas that can improve your life's quality and open you up to a world of new creative possibilities?

Side Hustle Ideas 

  1. Quilt hybrid business
  1. Freelance writing
  1. Launch your t-shirt brand
  1. Deliver food or groceries
  1. Online coaching or consulting
  1. Sell stock photos
  1. Website user testing
  1. Teach languages online
  1. Be a tour guide
  1. Make tax returns
  1. Transcribe materials
  1. Sell CNC router creations
  1. Financial services for entrepreneurs
  1. Stylist consultant
  1. Virtual assistant 

Quilt hybrid business

Do you have an artistic talent for sewing or seamstress work? Make extra money in several ways. Set up a sewing workshop at home and charge for classes or go teach at your clients' places. Create a YouTuber channel and train thousands of people how to sew their quilts. By doing this, you earn income from this platform's ads. In addition, you can take amazing pics of them and sell them through social media or offer them to local businesses.

Freelance writing 

If you enjoy writing, consider working as a freelance writer. Companies worldwide hire freelancers to draft digital marketing materials like social media copy, blogs, SEO articles, and editorials. Publishing what you write is a helpful way to publicize your work and acquire clients. You can do this on social networks, keeping a professional tone, or on platforms such as Medium and Blogger.

Launch your t-shirt brand

The custom t-shirt business can have a market share of around $3.9 billion. Surprising, isn't it? If you love bringing people's ideas to life and have creative and customer service skills, consider designing custom t-shirts. In addition to selling per unit or as special occasions gifts, you can offer your service to celebrity fan clubs, sports clubs, or religious groups.

Deliver food or groceries

Depending on your city size, you can turn your car, motorcycle, bike, or skateboard into a source of income. To achieve this, join companies that promote these services; however, they will charge you a fee. So try to affiliate with local restaurants and supermarkets to offer a personalized service. Create an online portfolio and print business cards.

Online coaching or consulting

Do you have a gift of gab? Do you like to help people and are an expert in a specific subject? Make money by sharing your time and knowledge through Zoom or Google Meets. First, start promoting your services by recording videos about the topics you are passionate about and sharing them on LinkedIn. Then you can join platforms like that pay you for every minute of consultation. 

Sell Stock Photos

If you are one of those who always get a lot of reactions on social media for your photos, selling stock photos can bring you extra revenue. Advertising agencies and companies always need photos to revamp their marketing pieces or launch advertising campaigns. With a good camera, you can start today! Sites like iStockPhoto, Freepik, and Shutterstock pay a commission for each photo sold. 

Website user testing

You can make money by being a guinea pig. Ok, that sounds strange, but it's actually simple. You just need a cell phone, a computer, internet access, and a few minutes of your day. Platforms like UserTesting and TryMyUI pay you to browse their clients' new websites and give solid feedback on whether they are user-friendly and functional. They can pay you an average of 10 dollars per test. 

Teach languages online

Probably you don't remember how you learned your native language; it was a natural process. But for millions of people who want to learn it for curiosity or to reach their goals it can be really difficult. So, once and for all, brush up on your language grammar rules and become a tutor from home. Apply to work at TakeLessons, Varsity Tutors, VIPKID, and Qkids.

Be a tour guide

Do you live in a tourist destination? Leading walking tours is a great way to give your wallet a breath while meeting new people and getting some fresh air. To publish yourself, record the most attractive places in your city, and upload videos to social networks offering your services. Or join platforms such as Airbnb Experiences or Tripadvisor. Then, innovate with themed tours about food, fashion, ghosts, romance, and fun facts. 

Make tax returns

Every year tax season comes around, and countless people need to file taxes without having any idea about it. You can generate extra cash if you know how to do it and are a numbers whiz. You can also make excel templates and sell them or charge for tutoring online so people can learn how to do it themselves and recommend your service.

Transcribe materials

Are you good with your fingers? It's about typing with good speed and accuracy. You can have a side hustle transcribing videos, phone calls, audio notes, and even court proceedings. Besides earning money, you can learn about many topics! Find paid opportunities at Rev, TranscribeMe, and GoTranscript.

Sell CNC router creations

If you have savings, buying a CNC machine is a wise investment. These devices are computer-driven and are used to mass-cut materials with custom designs. You can create from wood, metals, plastic, foam, MDF, and glass. In this way, you can produce a long list of objects: jewelry, home decor, kitchen utensils, office accessories, toys, and much more. After generating your products, make them look fabulous in pics and sell them on Instagram.

Financial services for entrepreneurs

You likely know at least one entrepreneur. But unfortunately, not all people who decide to start their own business know about finances. If you have math skills and know Excel, contact new entrepreneurs through Instagram or LinkedIn and offer them your services for hours. You can also reach young adults who need to learn how to manage their personal finances and are interested in personalized advice.

Stylist consultant

Are you in the spotlight because of your style? Earn money and keep shining! Create your personal brand, become a stylist consultant and help people raise their self-esteem with fashion adapted to their bodies. You must study color theory and have proposals suitable to clients' budgets. You can also buy clothing and accessories, model them on camera, and sell them as complete, ready-to-wear outfits.

Virtual Assistant 

This can be your perfect side hustle if you are: organized, handle email tools perfectly, are punctual, take notes and answer calls, mark your events on the calendar, and manage logistical issues such as reservations and purchases. Find offers with these job functions on portals like Sites like Flexjobs, Indeed, Time Etc, or Boldly.

How many of these activities do you consider a match for you? Surely two or three! The first step is to identify your skills and what you like to do. The goal is that you enjoy your next side hustle while exploring your creative and entrepreneurial side. If any of the 15 options caught your attention, but you don't have the necessary knowledge or want to refresh it, "don't stress, do your best." 

At Skillademia, an online educational platform, you will find over 25 courses at a low cost. They will help you acquire the skills you need to diversify your income. Some of the courses that are useful for the side hustle you saw are: 

Figma UI/UX design: Learn user experience principles and create stunning User Interfaces for mobile apps and websites!

Adobe Photoshop: Edit digital art and photos like a pro. Even if you've never opened Photoshop before, this course will help you to launch your t-shirt brand, sell stock photos, or promote your stylist consultant brand.

Microsoft Excel: You will explore what cells and worksheets are, how to enter formulas, manipulate data through functions and present the data in an effective fashion. With this course, you will be able to make tax returns and offer financial services for entrepreneurs.

English Language Course: If you're struggling to improve your English skills, this course is for you. You'll master native-level English and finally feel confident in your abilities. In addition, you can work as a teacher of languages online, a tour guide, or a virtual assistant.

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