Lingoda Review: What You Need to Know to Master New Languages in 2024

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Updated on: July 25, 2023

Language learning has emerged as an indispensable skill in today's interconnected world. It offers vast opportunities for personal growth, career advancement, and cultural enrichment. 

Through this Lingoda Review, you will dive into a comprehensive platform with a wide range of language courses guided by over 1,500 certified teachers that will upskill you in their native languages. 

Whether a beginner or an advanced learner, Lingoda caters to diverse language levels and goals, making it the perfect affordable platform for your linguistic journey. Please read to unleash its description, pros, and cons in 2024.

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What is Lingoda?

Lingoda is an online language learning platform offering flexible and comprehensive courses to enhance your language skills through private or group classes. 

This platform covers you with 550,000 lessons annually, ensuring that over 60 classes start every hour, around the clock. You can access Spanish, German, French, and English courses tailored for learners of all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced learners. 

After a placement test to determine your level, you'll be placed into private or group classes with learners at the same level. Lingoda follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels, with the highest being C1.4.4.

All teachers have certificates and at least two years of teaching experience. Unlike other platforms, this platform ensures quality by thoroughly vetting its instructors. 

How to Take Lingoda's Classes

The process of taking Lingoda classes is relatively straightforward and flexible. Once you subscribe and pay the monthly fee, you receive class credits that you can use to select either group classes, private classes, or a mix of both (to get the best of both worlds).

The group classes are fantastic because they are only 4-5 people so you will feel safe in a big crowd. It lets you gather your thoughts and plan your answers when you know your turn is coming. 

The lessons cover various language skills like conversation, reading, and writing, and Lingoda offers a range of options tailored to your specific language level.

The best part is the flexibility in choosing the class timings. You can pick the days and hours that suit your schedule and book the classes accordingly. You can sign up for a class at the last minute if you suddenly have some free time.

Keep a notebook and pen nearby to take notes during class, as it helps you consolidate the concepts. It will be beneficial when you need to answer questions or refer back to the class material later. 

Tip: Read the learning material before the class starts, so you are better prepared and can actively participate in the discussion. 

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Who Should Use Lingoda?

According to some statistics, British employers often seek candidates with French, German, and Spanish language skills, while English continues to be a widely valued second language worldwide. 

That's why Lingoda is designed for language enthusiasts of all levels and backgrounds eager to expand their language skills and unlock exciting opportunities. 

If you value flexibility and convenience, you will appreciate that Lingoda offers you the freedom to learn at your own pace and provides a supportive language growth environment.

Are you convinced foreign languages can help you stand out in the job market? Then it would be best if you gave a shot to this platform.


Lingoda is an online language school with real teachers, not just an app. 

Classes are conducted online in real-time, with the option to use webcams for a more interactive experience. Each class lasts one hour and focuses on a specific topic, supported by a comprehensive PDF guide.

A personal advisor will assist you from the start, helping you choose suitable classes to improve your language skills. Lingoda provides various courses at various levels, making it ideal for beginners and advanced learners. 

With Lingoda, you can enjoy a structured and practical language learning experience taught by experienced teachers in a supportive and engaging environment.

This platform offers many features to help you improve your language skills and to smooth your experience:

  • You can choose from English, Business English, French, German, and Spanish courses. 
  • The platform offers short quizzes to reinforce what you've learned. 
  • Certified professionals from English-speaking regions and other language areas teach the classes.
  • Group classes with a maximum of 5 students, or, on the other hand, one-on-one private lessons to tailor the intensive learning experience to your specific needs. 
  • PDF materials aligned with CEFR, which includes prompts for discussions and activities to practice speaking.
  • Zoom classes.
  • Schedule and instructor details before booking a class.
  • Downloadable materials allow you to review and practice at your own pace.

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Marathon Courses and Super Sprint Courses

Lingoda offers two exciting additional courses. The Marathon Course is your go-to option if you prefer a gradual and steady approach to language learning. 

It allows you to commit to a 3, 6, or 12-month period, giving you ample time to progress in your language skills. With 50 classes available every three months, you can enjoy around four weekly lessons to enhance your proficiency.

On the other hand, the Sprint and Super Sprint Courses are perfect if you're looking for a more intensive and faster-paced experience. 

The Sprint challenge challenges you to complete 15 classes per month for two months, while the Super Sprint challenge ramps up to 30 sessions for two months. The difference lies in the intensity level; you can decide which suits your goals best.

If you complete the Sprint challenge, you receive 50% cashback, and for those who conquer the Super Sprint challenge, Lingoda rewards you with an impressive 100% cashback.

Plans and Pricing

Lingoda offers two programs for its students depending on their preferred methodology.

For those who want to learn any of the languages, the platform offers in small groups of up to 5 people; the following rates are available:

  • 5 monthly classes: $99.99 charged every four weeks ($20 per class).
  • 12 monthly lessons: $189.99 ($16 per class).
  • 20 classes per month: $269.99 ($13.00 per class)
  • 40 classes per month: $489.99 ($12.00 per class)

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If, on the other hand, you are one of those who prefer to see individual and personalized classes. The plans available are as follows:

  • Five monthly lessons: $199.99 charged every four weeks ($40 per class).
  • Twelve monthly lessons: $359.99 ($30 per class).
  • Twenty monthly lessons: $521.99 ($26 per class).
  • Forty monthly lessons: $872.99 ($22 per class).

It is important to remember that Lingoda also offers a 7-day free trial, which includes a private lesson. However, you must register your credit card first.

Pros vs. Cons

If you are one of those students who not only want to learn a language fast but tend to get better results from a flexible schedule, Lingoda may be the perfect platform. 

However, for you to make an informed decision, here are the pros and cons we found in this Lingoda review.

You have 100% flexibility according to your time. Some users may discover completing all learning material in a 60-minute class challenging, as there's a sharp cut at the end. 
Once you have access, you can start learning immediately. Teachers may extend their time only a bit after the class ends to chat with their students.
You can customize your learning paths. The tests should be more accurate as they focus only on grammar, neglecting to assess speaking, listening, and reading skills. Consequently, there may be more precise tools to gauge language proficiency.
You have the option of rebooking if you are unable to attend your class. No one will correct your homework.
Small group classes. The class schedule is quite tight, leaving no space for personal chats. Even though you can occasionally find the same student in various courses, there is never enough time to get to know them better.
Lessons are 60 minutes long. Teachers may change every time, so you may not develop a bond with them.
You’ll have post-class quizzes. No exam is required for certification.
Lingoda provides all the Learning Materials. You cannot see teachers' ratings.
Affordable prices for customizable classes. Learning experience varies with the number of students.
If unsatisfied with the experience, you can access 100% Refunds. A stable internet connection is required.
You will receive a certification when you complete your courses. Some students may need help booking certain classes and may experience variability in their learning journey depending on the number of students.
Teachers are certified Native-speakers. The learning material is very similar in every course.
You will expose to different accents. Only some people turn their cameras on.
You will have the option to cancel your subscription every month.
Lingoda's interface is user-friendly.
You will get feedback after every lesson.

Is Lingoda Worth It?

Yes. While it may be slightly more expensive than some competitors, the value you receive from having native tutors and a natural language school experience in Lingoda is a complete plus. 

The personalized feedback and tips from qualified teachers are great since they can help you grasp language nuances and colloquialisms you might miss through language apps.

Additionally, Lingoda's easy-to-use resources and small group classes make learning enjoyable and accommodating for learners of all skill levels, excelling in providing dynamic and varied styles and ensuring a free-flowing learning format, unlike scripted and repetitive courses offered by some competitors.

If you desire to improve your language skills in Spanish, French, German, English, or business English, Lingoda is an excellent choice to boost your confidence. 

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Is Lingoda Legit?

Yes. This Berlin-based startup was founded in 2013 by brothers Fabian and Felix Wunderlich. 
According to TechCrunch, by 2021, the company raised $68 million to provide more tools for teachers and asynchronous supplementary material.

Can I cancel a class?

You must give seven days' notice to cancel a class. We recommend reserving only some of your courses in advance but booking them as you go to have more flexibility.

How many students does Lingoda have?

With a community of over 70,000 students and an exceptional team of 1,400 dedicated teachers, Lingoda reaches 200 countries today.

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