Best Leadpages Review: Next-level Tool in Digital Marketing

Fact-checked by Layla Varela
Updated on: June 19, 2023
Leadpages Review

Creating landing pages now is possible without coding and expensive host sites. How? Read this Leadpages Review in 2024 to find out the next level in digital marketing!

Of course, marketing has changed over time. In the past, building a landing page involved extensive communication with designers and developers, resulting in back-and-forth iterations. But nowadays, you can achieve that goal from the comfort of your computer without needing meetings or endless coordination.

So, now that you can be in your house and fulfill this aspiration, you require a reliable landing page creator to achieve your goals.

One such tool is Leadpages, which I will thoroughly review to determine its suitability for your needs and provide an authentic assessment of its features and capabilities.

Ready to supercharge your marketing? Learn everything about Leadpages in our review!

What is Leadpages?

Leadpages is a popular online marketing tool that allows users to create and publish landing pages, pop-ups, and other lead-generation forms. It provides a drag-and-drop editor, a wide range of customizable templates, and various features to help businesses generate:

  • Leads;
  • Collect email addresses;
  • Increase conversions. 

To obtain that, Leadpages also offers you the following characteristics such as:

  • Analytics;
  • A/B testing capabilities;
  • Integration with email marketing services.

And other tools and additional functionalities include lead magnets and AI-powered headline generation. It is designed to be handy and doesn’t require extensive coding or design skills.

For whom is this Leadpages review?

Maybe you’re wondering who should try this platform or use their templates. Relax! This Leadpages review can show you the potential customers for Leadpages:

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  • Small and medium-sized businesses: Leadpages is well-suited for businesses of varying sizes, including:
    • Startups;
    • Small businesses;
    • Mid-sized companies.

It provides an intuitive platform for creating effective landing pages and lead-generation forms.

  • Digital marketers: Digital marketers who focus on lead generation and conversion optimization. It offers a range of features and tools specifically designed to help marketers:
    • Generate leads;
    • Collect customer information;
    • Improve conversion rates.
  • E-commerce businesses: Online stores and e-commerce businesses can benefit from Leadpages by:
    • Creating optimized landing pages for product promotions;
    • Sales funnels;
    • Capturing customer information.
  • Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs: Leadpages can be an attractive option for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who want to:
    • Establish an online presence;
    • Generate leads without the need for extensive coding or design skills.
  • Marketing agencies: Marketing agencies can leverage Leadpages to create:
    • Landing pages;
    • Lead generation forms for their clients.

The platform's customization options and integrations with other marketing tools make it a valuable asset for agencies managing multiple campaigns.

Note: While Leadpages caters to a wide range of customers, the platform's suitability ultimately depends on specific business needs, budget, and marketing objectives.


Leadpages offers broad features to empower you in creating and optimizing your landing pages. Here are the key features you can expect from this online marketing aid:

  1. Drag and drop editing: 

Leadpages underwent a complete redesign in 2016, introducing an intuitive, glitch-free drag-and-drop editor. That allows you to customize your landing pages without any coding skills effortlessly.

  1. Extensive template library: 

With over 130 free templates and a vast marketplace of paid templates, Leadpages offers various options. These templates serve as a starting point, enabling you to quickly create new landing pages by editing the text and hitting publish.

  1. Marketing integrations: 

Leadpages integrates seamlessly with numerous marketing tools and platforms. You can easily connect to your favorite email marketing service, webinar software, CRM, payment gateway, and more, ensuring smooth integration within your existing marketing ecosystem.

  1. Hosted landing pages: 

Leadpages hosts all your landing pages for you, eliminating the need for separate hosting. However, you still have the flexibility to use your domain name if desired.

  1. Website integrations: 

It offers a dedicated Leadpages WordPress plugin and supports integration with other website platforms like Squarespace and Joomla, expanding its compatibility and usability.

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  1. A/B testing: 

You can quickly set up split tests to compare different versions of your landing pages and determine which variations yield the best results.

  1. Detailed analytics:

Leadpages offers in-depth analytics within its dashboard, allowing you to monitor the performance of your landing pages. Additionally, it provides smooth integration with popular analytics tools like Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics, enabling you to track and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

In addition to the landing page builder, Leadpages offers several other features under its "lead" branding:

  • Leadboxes are custom-designed pop-up forms that you can display automatically or trigger based on user actions. You can link buttons created in the landing page editor to Leadboxes, facilitating a two-step opt-in process to boost conversions.
  • With Leadlinks, you can sign up existing subscribers with just one click. By sending them a link, you can enroll them in specific offers, such as webinars or sublists, without requiring them to complete a form.
  • When using Leaddigits, you can opt into your email list or webinar using their mobile phones and automated text messages. It provides a convenient and niche method of capturing leads on the go.

While the core value of Leadpages lies in its robust landing page builder, these additional features enhance its capabilities with the overall platform, enabling you to accomplish more and drive better results in your marketing efforts.

What are Leadpages used for?

You can use Leadpages for creating and optimizing landing pages and lead generation forms, promote products or services, and increase conversions. Some common uses of Leadpages include:

  • Lead Generation;
  • Landing Page Optimization;
  • Sales Funnel Creation;
  • Webinar Registrations;
  • Lead Magnets and Content Delivery;
  • Alert Bars and Pop-Ups.


Let’s talk about Leadpages pricing! So once you click on the pricing tab, you will see two types of plans that can pay, whether monthly or yearly.


  • $49 month by month.
  • $37 per month with a yearly subscription.

Here are the features included in this plan:

  • 1 Site
  • Landing Pages, Pop-Ups, Alert Bars
  • Unlimited Traffic & Leads
  • Free Custom Domain*
  • Free Hosting
  • Mobile-Responsive Site Templates
  • Lead Notifications
  • Tech Support (Chat, Email)
  • 40+ Standard Integrations
  • 1-on-1 Quick Start Call

However, as this is the cheapest plan, you cannot access A/B testing, Leadboxes, the payment widget, or Leaddigits or Leadlinks. 

Note: Consider upgrading your plan if you desire these features or other advanced functionalities.


  • $99 month by month.
  • $74  per month with a yearly subscription.

You can get the following:

  • Free Hosting.
  • Mobile-Responsive Site Templates.
  • Lead Notifications.
  • Priority Tech Support (Phone, Chat, Email).
  • 40+ Standard Integrations.
  • 1-on-1 Quick Start Call.
  • Online Sales & Payments.
  • Unlimited A/B Split Testing.

Leadpages may also offer special promotions, discounts, or enterprise-level plans. You should sneak peek at their website or contact their sales team for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing details based on your specific requirements.

Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly drag-and-drop editor suitable for beginners.
  • Over 200 free templates, with additional paid templates available.
  • Simple creation of A/B tests.
  • Integrated analytics feature
  • Convenient two-step opt-in process.
  • Wide range of widgets to choose from.
  • Includes an AI-powered headline generator.
  • Functionality for delivering lead magnets and assets.
  • Numerous integrations with email marketing services, webinar services, and more.
  • Enhanced features in Leadboxes, Leadlinks, and Leaddigits.
  • Create fully optimized websites with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for a website builder like Wix.
  • Alert bars enable the addition of notification-style forms and call-to-actions on your website.


  • Despite offering a responsive preview, designing your page's responsive version is impossible.
  • Leadpages' pricing makes it unaffordable for many casual users.
  • The cheapest tier only includes a few features. Therefore that may result in additional expenses if you wish to conduct A/B tests and perform other actions.
  • Limited control over the responsive design of pages.
  • Pricing may be too high for casual users or those with limited budgets.
  • Additional costs may apply to access certain features like A/B testing.
  • Lack of flexibility in designing the responsive versions of pages.
  • Potential affordability and value concerns for users who require advanced features.

Leadpages resources

  • Resource library.
  • Blog
  • Webinars
  • Podcast
  • Customer Stories
  • Support

How to use Leadpages?

Make a CTA (call to action) button

If you intend to build landing pages, including at least one call to action (CTA) on the page is crucial. The effective utilization of a CTA button is vital in optimizing landing pages. Therefore, you can access new choices to delve deeper into Leadpages' Button widget.

The two central options are relatively straightforward, enabling font, font size, button color, and text color adjustments. However, the outermost options unlock more intriguing possibilities. 

Clicking the left button grants quick access to various design styles, simplifying the creation of visually appealing buttons without extensive design knowledge. Instead of manually adjusting settings like radius and shadows, Leadpages offers preset options for achieving desired effects. This feature, previously found in Thrive Architect, is a welcome addition to Leadpages.

Furthermore, the hyperlink button allows the selection of a URL for the controller and provides the convenience of linking to other Leadpages or Leadboxes. 

This feature proves highly beneficial for creating two-step opt-ins, a proven method for enhancing conversion rates. By clicking the button, visitors can open a popup containing signup details instead of displaying the information directly on the page. 

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Leadpages facilitates this technique by offering an easy-to-use interface and the ability to customize each popup using the intuitive drag-and-drop editor (more details will be covered later in the review).

Create a Leadbox

Leadboxes are popups triggered automatically or based on specific actions, such as a visitor clicking a button. 

Creating a Leadbox involves utilizing the familiar drag-and-drop editor, albeit with a few widget and option variations. 

Once the Leadbox is ready, you can choose the triggering method upon publication. The available options for triggering include plain text links, button links, image links, timed popups, and exit intent popups. 

The versatility of these options allows seamless integration of Leadboxes into content beyond Leadpages landing pages. 

For instance, you can utilize the direct text link to incorporate a two-step opt-in within a regular WordPress post or page, offering significant flexibility.

Make Alert Bars or Notification Bars

You can now create these eye-catching and responsive bars to achieve various objectives, such as:

  • Promoting offers.
  • Driving signups (e.g., for webinars).
  • Growing your email list. 

Getting started is simple; you can select from premade layouts and customize the text according to your preferences. Once created, you can publish the alert bar on both Leadpages-built landing pages/sites and standalone sites created with other tools like WordPress. 

The alert bar can be seamlessly integrated with the regular Leadpages integrations while providing access to comprehensive analytics for tracking performance.

Understanding the Leadlinks and Leaddigits

Concluding the practical aspect of my Leadpages review, let's explore two noteworthy features: Leadlinks and Leaddigits. While these features may not be extensively relied upon, they offer impressive capabilities.

Leadlinks enables the creation of a customized link that allows subscribers to quickly join a sublist or webinar with just a single click. That proves helpful when sending out mass emails to subscribers regarding an upcoming webinar. 

Rather than requesting subscribers to re-enter their information, they can be instantly registered by clicking the provided link. By reducing friction, Leadlinks enhance conversion rates.

Similarly, Leaddigits offers similar functionality but through text messages. It allows customers to opt-in using their mobile phones, automatically adding them to a designated email list or webinar. This streamlined process simplifies customer engagement and ensures seamless integration into the desired communication channel.


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Can I use Leadpages for building entire websites?

Yes, Leadpages introduced a website builder feature in early 2019, allowing users to design complete websites using the same drag-and-drop editor you can utilize for landing pages.

Does Leadpages offer a free trial?

Yes, Leadpages provides a 14-day free trial allowing users to explore and test its features before committing.

Does Leadpages provide customer support?

Yes, Leadpages offers customer support through various channels, including email support and live chat. They also provide resources such as tutorials, knowledge base articles, and webinars to assist users in getting the most out of the platform.

Can Leadpages be integrated with an existing website?

Yes, you can integrate Leadpages with your existing website. You can easily embed Leadpages' landing pages or pop-ups onto your website using provided code snippets or plugins.

Are there any limitations on the number of landing pages or pop-ups I can create?

Yes, and it will depend on the plan you purchased.

Does Leadpages offer any advanced targeting or segmentation options?

Leadpages offers advanced targeting and segmentation options. You can personalize your campaigns based on various factors such as user location, device type, referral source, and more. That helps you deliver tailored content and offers to specific segments of your audience.

Can Leadpages handle e-commerce functionality, such as product pages and checkout processes?

The first approach of Leadpages is creating high-converting landing pages and conversion assets. While it does not have native e-commerce functionality, you can integrate third-party tools or platforms to enable product pages and checkout processes on your Leadpages.

Can you use custom code or scripts within Leadpages to add additional functionality?

Leadpages allows you to add custom code or scripts using the HTML widget.

Are there any SEO features or optimizations available within Leadpages?

Leadpages provides basic SEO options such as meta tags, page titles, and URL customization. However, honing your main website where the Leadpages are embedded is recommended for extensive SEO optimizations.

Can I host videos directly on Leadpages?

Leadpages allows you to embed videos from popular video hosting platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo directly into your landing pages. That enhances the visual appeal and engagement of your pages.

Is Leadpages worth it?

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As you already know, Leadpages offers a user-friendly platform with a wide range of customizable templates, making it accessible for beginners. However, experts can also use this platform to boost their websites and facilitate the number of actions to reach a particular goal.

The lead generation tools, such as lead capture forms and integration with email marketing services, can help businesses effectively capture and nurture leads. Besides, the ability to conduct A/B tests and built-in access analytics allows for optimizing landing page performance! 

Leadpages offers various integration options, allowing you to connect it with other tools and services. Including features like AI headline generation and lead notifications adds value to the platform.

And on the other hand, as long as you know how to customize your landing page, it will work as you want. So, investigate and take the time to do things well; otherwise may impact the user experience on mobile devices. 

Lastly, before determining if it is the right solution for your business, don’t forget to consider the following:

  • Requirements.
  • Budget.
  • Trade-offs associated with Leadpages. 

Exploring alternative options and comparing them against your needs can also help you make an informed decision.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Leadpages offers many tools and options to help businesses generate leads and optimize conversions providing value for users seeking to create effective landing pages. And who knows, if you explore the free trial, you can fall in love with this online marketing tool and boost your website!

Lorena M. Rodas leverages her experience across film, writing, and production to make complex tech concepts accessible through storytelling. With a background spanning sci-fi, AI, and emerging tech, Lorena translates her depth of knowledge into engaging, educational content. She is an expert at decoding high-level topics to reach broad audiences.
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