How to Access Groove CM Free Trial in 2023

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Updated on: July 2, 2023
Groove Free Trial

If you are tired of checking dozens of platforms offering different tools to run any online business successfully, you may have read about Groove CM Free Trial at this point. Groove, (previously known as GrooveFunnels) platform can be of great help since it helps you create functional and ideal websites to sell your services, courses, webinars, or any digital product you have created.

But did you know that 93% of its members use it for free? That's right, in 2023, only 7% of Groove's users are paid members, and of course, they also have access to other more professional features. 
However, if you are a beginner, we recommend looking at this platform before upgrading. If you want to grow your online business, stay a few minutes; we will show you how to access the Groove CM free trial in a few steps.

How Groove CM's 30-day trial period works 

First, you should know that Groove CM Free trial period has attractive details that set this platform apart. One of them is that no one will take advantage of you forgetting to cancel your subscription on time. That means Groove CM will not ask you for any credit card information so that you can access its tools.

Second, although you have a limited period of 30 days to test the platform, it is essential to know that after that time, you will have two options: 

  1. Become a paid member and continue using all the tools of the Start-Up Plan.
  2. Downgrade your plan and lose some premium features to use Groove's basic options for unlimited time.

This modality is fascinating because it allows you to truly compare (again, without credit cards involved) the difference between the features and functionalities of both the free-lite and paid plans.

How to activate your Groove account to access the free-lite plan

1. Enter the Groove CM website by clicking here.

2. Click “Get Started for Free.”

2. Fill in all the required fields to create your account. Remember: you do not need to provide bank information.


3. Confirm the Groove CM free trial by checking the two blank boxes to get different offers and discounts, but also to ensure you understand why the Start-up plan is ideal for professionals and why the free plan works best for beginners. 

4. Click the red "Take me to members area" button. 

Groove Account

Features available in Groove's free plan

As we mentioned, Groove is an all-in-one solution that eliminates the hassle of juggling different tools, allowing you to focus on growing your business effectively. However, it would help if you kept in mind that after the 30-day free trial, the unlimited free plan has some limitations.

Anyways, here are the features you will find in the Groove CM Free Trial: 

  1. Access to GroovePages for building landing pages, including one custom domain, one share funnel, five shared funnels, and 25 pages.
  2. Manage 500 email contacts and 2,500 emails sent monthly using GrooveMail.
GrooveMail 3
  1. Create one course under GrooveMember's modality for one single membership.
  2. Sell products and affiliates through GrooveSells. Under this plan, the platform will charge a 10% commission fee for each sale you make through the Groove CM store.
  3. Upload 5 videos with GrooveVideo to improve your site's user experience and leverage your marketing strategy. 

While the free plan is a fantastic starting point, those looking for full platform functionality can explore the five different paid plans offered by Groove CM, starting from $99 per month. 

Remember, you can always upgrade your account to Premium+ for unlimited contacts, advanced marketing features, and unrivaled email marketing capabilities. 

Full pricing of Groove CM plans

Groove CM offers comprehensive plans that replace 18 expensive platforms, saving you over $2,000 per month or $24,000 annually. Take a look at the various paid plans available:

1. Start-UP Plan: $99/month

  • This option includes five custom domains, subdomains, and unlimited website pages.
  • The commission charged by the platform for your sales is 5%.

2. PREMIUM+ Plan: $299/month

  • Unlimited domains waived store fees and unlimited blogs.
  • Manage up to 10,000 contacts, unlimited monthly email sends, and 50 videos available.
  • Free of sales commission charges.

Additionally, Groove CM offers a Premium Lifetime plan with a one-time payment of $2,997 (or three installments of $997).

Please note that the current pricing for all Groove CM plans is heavily discounted, with prices starting at just $39/month. These plans provide extensive options and functionalities to leverage this powerful tool for your business needs.

groove features 2

Is Groove CM worth a try?

Groove CM offers a free lifetime account that provides access to GroovePages and GrooveSell, making it an excellent option for those starting out or on a limited budget. However, it's important to note that the free version has certain limitations, such as a restricted range of features and capabilities.

For that reason, if you're looking to unlock more advanced options and maximize the potential of your online business, upgrading your account is recommended. Paid plans offer additional benefits like unlimited pages, up-selling options, industry-specific landing pages, and customizable sales funnels to enhance your online marketing campaigns and provide a more tailored experience for your target audience.

It's worth mentioning that while Groove CM works well with a smaller number of products, managing a large inventory might become more complex. Therefore, if your business sells many products, exploring alternative platforms or considering the scalability options provided by Groove CM's premium plans may be beneficial.

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