GoSkills Review: Best Courses, Pricing, and Pros and Cons

Fact-checked by Andrea Mercado
Updated on: July 7, 2023

Are you interested in learning about business? Would you like to get better knowledge in the industry? GoSkills could be the place for you and even for your company. 

This GoSkills review will show you everything about this e-learning platform: what it offers, its prices, the courses you may find, its ups and downs, and how it can be used as unique classes to train individuals and whole teams.

What Exactly is GoSkills?

Founded in 2013 after recognizing the lack of professional content on the Internet, GoSkills is a platform that offers high-quality courses with a microlearning style for individuals, teams, and businesses. The platform nowadays has over 200.000 students and more than 100 courses. 

Since GoSkills focuses on helping people learn essential business skills and reach their full potential, these are some of the course categories in this LMS.

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Office
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Finance
  • Project Management
  • Office Productivity
  • Soft Skills
  • Development
  • Design
  • Data Analysis
GoSkills 2

Who should use GoSkills?

The pressing need for job seekers to acquire new skills to remain competitive in today's fast-paced industries is growing as fast as the workers are looking to update their knowledge to keep up with market needs. 

That is why, if you are looking for jobs to excel in fields like healthcare, technology, finances, or even non-durable manufacturing industries, GoSkills could be the ideal platform for equipping you with the essential skills to thrive.

This platform is also ideal for teachers or people from institutions looking to bring education to their community and even for business owners searching for ways to educate their teams.

GoSkills for Teams

GoSkills caters to individuals who wish to maximize their productivity and efficiency in the workplace but also extends its offerings. 

If you belong to a company that recognizes the importance of continuous learning and development, GoSkills provides unique opportunities for group training. You can leverage courses to enhance the skills of your entire team, fostering growth and success within your organization.

GoSkills 3


GoSkills boasts many features, including microlearning, gamification, goal tracking, interactive content, and social learning. 

Whether a student or a manager, you can use the progress monitoring system to track the time spent on each course, review attempted assessments, and access earned certificates. 

This platform also facilitates the creation of custom courses in various formats like SCORM, xAPI, AICC, and CMI5. It incorporates a comprehensive library that empowers administrators to generate classroom courses, embed tutorial videos, and provide links to external resources. 

To get the most out of GoSkills, learn about some of its best features:

  • Bite-sized-lessons
  • Access to different devices
  • You can track your progress
  • Certificate of completion
  • GoSkills Certificate of Achievement 
  • Accredited courses
  • Free trial
  • Free courses
  • GoSkills for Teams and Business
  • 90+ courses
  • Quizzes and Challenges

Learning Management System (LMS)

GoSkills also offers a Learning Management System. That means creators can build training courses for teams in any context. With this service, you will be able to: 

  • Access to Course Builder
  • Custom content design
  • Mobile learning solution
  • Social learning and knowledge sharing
  • Off-The-Shelf courses (100+ business courses). 

This option is perfect for schools, universities, Teams, Enterprises, and course producers.

You can book a demo on their website if you want this option.

GoSkills 4


GoSkills works as a subscription service; a monthly subscription will cost you $29, and a yearly one will cost $17 per month. With this subscription, you will have the following:

  • Unlimited access to all courses
  • Accredited Certificate of Completion
  • Free access to updates, new lessons, and new courses.
  • You can learn at your own pace
  • Professional and handpicked award-winning instructions

Free 7 Days Trial:

GoSkills has a 7-day trial available. However, you must register your credit card to try any course under this plan. 

With this option, you can have a grip on the courses, but you won't have access to the entire GoSkill course library, and you won't get certifications.

GoSkills for Teams

If you're interested in GoSkill to train your business team, you can choose between these options:

1. Team (2 - 50 people): 

This plan costs $14.50 per learner per month. It is the best for small teams interested in flexible monthly or yearly plans. You and your team will get the following:

  • Admin dashboard
  • Assign courses to individuals or groups. 
  • Set due dates for courses
  • Full reporting and analytics
  • Create groups and teams.
  • Add your courses
  • Everything in the individual plan
  • This plan includes a 14-day full refund guarantee.

2. Enterprise 50+ people:

This option offers excellent flexibility, custom pricing, and more integrations like

  • Admin dashboard
  • Assign courses to individuals or groups 
  • Set due dates for courses
  • Full reporting and analytics
  • Create groups and teams
  • Add your courses
  • Everything in the individual plan
  • Custom integrations
  • Designated access manager

If you are interested in this plan, you can request a demo on their website.

GoSkills 5

Pros vs. Cons

GoSkills is a platform that can be of great help, and it also has a 7-day free trial—however, several alternatives on the market suit different types of students or creators. So before making a purchase decision, it is better to be informed about the pros and cons of this platform. 

These are some of them, according to our GoSkills review.

Bite-sized coursesNo variety of courses.
90+ coursesIt's more pricey than other learning platforms.
Choices to payThere are no downloadable lesson videos
GoSkills ScholarshipsThere may be some bugs in the audio and video of the lessons when accessing GoSkills from specific devices.
Quizzes and puzzlesSome courses can become tedious because they do not use visual aids besides the instructor giving the lessons.
House-made courses
Daily rewards
GoSkills for Teams and Business
Keep track of your progress
Theoretical and practical classes
Certificate of completions

Best Courses on GoSkills

GoSkills has diligently curated over 110 courses. These are the best top-rated:

Microsoft Excel 365 - Basic & AdvancedCPD and Microsoft Partner.
Finance for Non-financial ProfessionalsPMI, Microsoft Partner, and CPD
Finance for Project ManagersCPD, OMI, and Microsoft Partner
Leadership TrainingCPD and Microsoft Partner
Project Management Basics CPD, OMI, and Microsoft Partner
Lean Six Sigma - Black BeltCPD, OMI, Microsoft Partner, IASSC, and PeopleCert
Public SpeakingCPD and Microsoft Partner
Business Writing CPD and Microsoft Partner
Photoshop for BeginnersCPD and Microsoft Partner
Introduction to MarketingCPD and Microsoft Partner

1. Microsoft Excel 365 - Basic & Advanced

In this course, you will gain practical, real-world Excel knowledge that will empower you to handle various tasks, including generating reports, creating charts, conducting complex data analysis, and managing projects effectively.

Through 57 lessons, instructor Ken Plus will teach you how to navigate the Excel interface, use formulas and shortcuts, get data, use charts and graphs, and create Pivot Tables.

Remember, to access this course, rated with 4.7 stars on the platform, you have several payment plans ranging from a 7-day free trial to $29 per month or $17 per year.

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2. Finance for Non-Financial Professionals

In 16 lessons, this finance course will give you a solid understanding of financial principles that will significantly improve your decision-making process and contribute to your professional growth. 

By strengthening your grasp of finance fundamentals, you will understand how to craft accurate financial reports and robust business cases, allowing you to comprehend the numbers that drive your company's performance.

This course will teach you:

  • How your decisions can improve efficiency.
  • Drive successful projects.
  • Interpret data on financial reports and budgets.
  • Track spending.
  • Understand cost behavior and variance reporting.
GoSkills 7

3. Finance for Project Managers

In this course, you’ll gain valuable financial skills that will improve your effectiveness in your current role and open up new career opportunities. 

Throughout the 37 lessons, you will learn to interpret financial reports effectively and develop a strong foundation in finances that will let you make informed decisions based on solid principles.

Remember, while you can access this course for free for a limited time, you must register a card first. However, you won't regret it, as, at the end of this course, you will have developed new skills to:

  • Create and manage budgets effectively.
  • Understand the relationships and impact of various financial statements.
  • Gain valuable insights into the financial health and performance of any business.
  • Execute project planning, scheduling, and resource management techniques to make informed decisions.

By acquiring these financial skills, you will become a more effective decision-maker, capable of improving efficiency, driving successful projects, and positively impacting your business's financial performance.

GoSkills 8

4. Leadership Training by David Brownlee

Leadership qualities are essential in any role or organization. So, if you understand the importance of an exceptional leader in helping any team succeed, this course is for you.

Throughout 21 practical tutorials, you will learn problem-solving strategies, resilience-building techniques, and effective decision-making processes to confidently navigate obstacles, unlocking your potential to influence and guide others toward success. 

By the end of this certified course, you will be mastering techniques to effectively communicate and implement targets by driving strategies of consequence, reward, and reinforcement, inspiring and encouraging a collaborative culture of continuous improvement. 

GoSkills 9

5. Project Management Basics

Whether you're a junior project manager or a business owner, this course will help you better manage your projects and achieve successful outcomes.

In 14 engaging lessons, you will receive up-to-date and industry-standard knowledge to understand project initiation and closeout, scope management, schedule and resource planning, project execution and control, and more. 

This course earns 7.5 Professional Development Units (PDUs) or contact hours recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI), contributing to your project management education and certification.

If you're seeking more specialized or in-depth knowledge, additional courses are available on Project Management Framework, Project Teams and Stakeholders, and more.

GoSkills 10

6. Lean Six Sigma Advanced Principles - Black Belt

This course is part of a program designed to prepare you for the IASSC Black Belt exam. By completing the course, you will gain mastery over advanced principles, tools, and methodologies of Lean Six Sigma to lead projects as a Black Belt practitioner. 

You will learn the Lean Six Sigma fundamentals, the DMAIC methodology, coaching and stakeholder management, and deliverables and stage gate reviews. 

That way, after 72 practical tutorials, you will acquire the necessary skills to analyze processes, identify root causes of issues, and implement improvement strategies, to improve performance and efficiency in your organization.

GoSkills 11

7. Public Speaking by TJ Walker

Whether you must present at work, in business settings, for school projects, or even for personal interest, this course suits anyone seeking to enhance their public speaking abilities.

In 36 engaging tutorials for beginners, instructor TJ Walker's lessons are designed for individuals who want to speak confidently in front of an audience, acquiring two certifications that prove you have the essential skills to deliver successful presentations or speeches for various purposes. 

Students will receive candid advice and valuable tips on preparing and delivering a speech that captivates and commands your audience's attention. Completing this course will give you the confidence and expertise to overcome stage fright and nerves, empowering you to deliver your message confidently and clearly. 

GoSkills 12

8. Business Writing Skills

If your business writing skills need to improve, this business writing course will help. Whether you aspire to communicate more effectively with customers or write more impactful emails and internal communications, this course will elevate your writing.

Through 28 engaging and concise lessons, you will have the essential elements of style, tone, and grammar to craft professional and polished written content. You will learn the art of striking the right tone and writing various business formats, including effective letters, emails, inquiries, reports, professional documents, and social media.

By the end of this course, you will have enough skills to write for other marketing channels, captivating your target audience and enhancing brand engagement.

GoSkills 13

9. Photoshop for Beginners

This comprehensive course will equip beginners with the essential skills and techniques to navigate and utilize Adobe Photoshop effectively. The video tutorials in this course are recorded in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and CS6, ensuring compatibility and familiarity with popular software versions. 

Through 58 engaging lessons, you will learn to master fundamental techniques in Photoshop. You will learn how to utilize layer and clipping masks, enabling you to manipulate and enhance images precisely. Additionally, you will discover how to remove backgrounds, create custom shapes, and apply various effects to transform your designs.

If you have previous experience with Photoshop, consider exploring the Advanced course to expand your skills further. 

GoSkills 14

10. Introduction to Marketing

Through 21 practical tutorials, participants will gain a deep understanding of key marketing strategies and campaigns, brand building, client attraction, and revenue growth.

This course emphasizes tracking and measuring marketing efforts to gauge effectiveness and determine results. That's why it provides the tools and techniques to identify their ideal clients and develop an effective marketing plan. Students will learn how to craft compelling marketing content that resonates with their target audience, effectively utilize advertising across various mediums, and harness the power of social media and websites to attract more customers to their brand. 

Participants will also explore methods to promote products and services through email campaigns, print, and online advertising, optimizing their marketing strategies, converting prospects into loyal customers, and cultivating a strong brand presence.

GoSkills 15

Is GoSkills Worth it?

GoSkills stands out by adopting an interactive approach, incorporating additional exercises, quizzes, and transcripts to engage students in the learning process actively. This approach helps them feel like they are partaking in a professional course rather than passively watching online videos.

The platform covers technical skills and provides certification in non-technical business skills across more than 100 topics. However, it is worth noting that the cost of a GoSkills membership may be higher compared to other learning platforms, and some courses can be tedious because of the lack of multimedia resources they use. 

Overall, paying for a GoSkills membership offers several advantages for individuals seeking to enhance their business skills, but ultimately, it depends on individual preferences. That's why you should consider your budget and weigh the value of the interactive learning experience and the certification opportunities GoSkills provides. 


What is it Like to Attend an Online Class at GoSkills?

GoSkill classes are engaging, fast, efficient, hand-made, and generally share the same structure. Their courses are bite-sized with short 3-7 minute videos, and each lesson focuses on one learning outcome.

The class will start with step-by-step instructions and how to do it. You will also receive a theory class to explain everything and what you should avoid. After the short video, you will have quizzes, exercises, reference guides, and transcriptions. All of this will allow you to practice what you have learned. 

Remember that if you complete an entire course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and Achievement that you can put in your CV and Linkedin. 

Does GoSkilss Offer Scholarships?

Yes. GoSkills offer scholarships exclusively for women who want to execute their business ideas.

If you're a female high school or college student who wants to start their own online business, GoSkills can help you. Most students can expect $2,000 and are given two scholarships per year. 

If interested, you can apply and complete the form on their website. 

Can I Give Away a GoSkills Course As a Gift?

¡You can gift courses too!

Each gift certificate gives unlimited access to more than 100 courses for 1 or 13 months. And, of course, you can cancel your subscription at any point in your billing cycle.

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