Domestika Review

Fact-checked by Layla Saman
Updated on: January 6, 2023

Do you want to acquire a new skill or learn something new? Are you interested in online learning but need to know what platform is better for you?

Well, we can help you with that with our Domestika Review.

In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about Domestika, one of the biggest platforms. 

Domestika is the fastest-growing creative community where experts share their knowledge and skills through professionally produced online courses; their instructors are recognized worldwide. You can find from winners of the National Design Award, the Pulitzer Prize, and the Goya award to National Geographic illustrators.

The platform offers over 2.230 courses, with categories such as:

  • Illustration courses
  • Craft courses
  • Marketing & Business courses 
  • Photography & Video courses
  • Design courses
  • 3D & Animation courses
  • Architecture & Spaces courses
  • Writing courses
  • Fashion courses
  • Web & App Design courses
  • Calligraphy & Typography courses
  • Music & Audio courses

Founded in Spain in 2010, the company is now based in San Francisco and has a massive e-learning platform; their courses are designed for anyone interested in leading their creative potential and are all in-house produced.


  • A community for sharing projects
  • Variety in languages
  • Independent learning
  • Domestika app
  • Expert instructors for each course from all over the world.
  • More than 10 categories of courses for you to choose from
  • Professionally made videos with excellent quality.
  • Certificates of attendance and completion signed by instructors.
  • A blog of ideas and information for future projects 
  • A lot of options to pay.
  • Special packages to complete your courses
  • Exercises and projects to encourage students to complete their courses 
  • Downloadable exclusive material for future projects.

Who is Domestika for:

The platform has a lot of options in their courses; for that, we're gonna show you the profiles of the people interested in their courses.

  • Anyone interested in unleashing their creative potential.
  • Someone looking to connect with like-minded creatives from around the world.
  • Beginners of all ages who want to learn something new.
  • People looking for a new hobby.
  • Anyone interested in stepping up their talents.

Top 10 Best Courses:

Here are the most popular courses in Domestika and what you will learn in them. 

Professional Photography for Instagram by Mina Barrio231506 students
Drawing for Beginners Level -1 by Puño225874 students
Modern Watercolor Techniques by Ana Victoria Calderón193104 students
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop by Carles Marsal319704 students
Creating Garments Using Crochet by Alia Rocio Rodríguez125845 students
Architectural Sketching by Watercolor and Ink 126135 students
Content Creation and Editing for Instagram Stories with Mina Barrio203608 students
Illustration Techniques to Unlock your Creativity by Adolfo Serra159867 students 
Brand Strategy on Instagram by Julieta Tello149568 students
The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art by Mattias Adolfsson1555203 students
  1. Professional Photography for Instagram

What you will learn:  you will learn to communicate your values, creating your own personal style for your project along the way. A good photo op could come up at any time, so always have your phone on you in order to capture the moment instantly. To do this, you will learn both the creative aspect of photography as well as the technique, exclusively using the tools that you can find on your smartphone. Edit your images like a pro instagrammer.

  1. Drawing for Beginners Level - 1

What you will learn: In this course you will learn the keys to becoming a drawing expert, regardless of your starting level or age, through a new, rational, and playful approach to drawing.  There are tons of dynamics and exercises designed to help you understand each of the thought processes involved in learning how to draw. 

  1. Modern Watercolor Techniques

What you will learn:  In this course, you will discover how to take advantage of these unexpected "mistakes" for your own benefit. Study the basics and then go beyond traditional watercolor by experimenting with different materials and a modern approach.

  1. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

What you will learn: In this course, you will learn to use Adobe Photoshop even if you've never used the program before. Through a series of practical lessons, you'll learn everything you need to know to become a design or digital publishing professional.

  1. Creating Garments Using Crochet

What you will learn: In this course you will learn how to start crocheting and creating patterns, starting with how to hold your hook, how tight you should keep your stitches, how to make a sample or measure up your sections, as well as telling you what to keep in mind with each type of crochet knot. Then, start creating different textures with a knit-effect to your stitches.

  1. Architectural Sketching with Watercolor and Ink

What you will learn: In this course you will learn to approach and capture the depth and feeling of a place using watercolor and ink and translating that onto your page, to later being able to sketch and use watercolors to infuse your paintings with new life.

  1. Content Creation and Editing for Instagram Stories

What you will learn: In this course, you will learn all the secrets of creating and editing content in an attractive and professional way, focused specifically on photography and video, to succeed on Instagram.

  1. Illustration Techniques to Unlock your Creativity

What you will learn: In this course, illustrator Adolfo Serra teaches you, step by step, the processes to experiment and unlock your creativity with manual techniques that will help you create a freehand illustrated sketchbook.

  1. Brand Strategy on Instagram

What you will learn: In this course, learn step by step how to build a successful Instagram strategy for your brand and manage your profile like a pro to achieve tangible results. Begin with basic concepts and find out why Instagram is so important and how you can use it professionally to create an authentic and relevant brand.

  1. The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art

What you will learn: In this course, Mattias Adolfsson shows you the process of transforming your doodles into art. He goes through the initial steps to start sketching and liberate the hand, to learn new creative methods starting with real objects, and to develop your imagination.In this course you will learn to turn your objects into characters, by using your imagination and elaborating different figures, using other materials such as fruit or vegetables to practice. Define how you create faces and illustrate emotions, by drawing self-portraits with the use of a mirror or phone.

How is a class in Domestika

Domestika's courses share the same structure. In them, you can aspect things like:

  • All the courses start with a short introduction of the teacher and his field experience.
  • Each course is broken down into easy-to-digest classes, ranging from 3 to 15 minutes.
  • Every class has an exercise to practice.
  • At the end of the course, there's a project in which you will show your new skills.
  • The instructor will encourage the students to put their final project in the blog so that you can have feedback and all the students can watch each other's work.
  • There are prompts and additional learning materials in every lesson.
  • Most of the classes on the platform are in Spanish, so consider that.
  • The total length of the courses can be anywhere from 2 hours to 12 hours.

Who are the instructors on Domestika

Domestika carefully chooses its instructors, and they produce their courses in-house to ensure a high-quality online learning experience for everyone.

For this, their instructors are mostly professionals and people with a lot of experience in their field.

All the course proposals are reviewed by Domestika's team, so you can be sure all courses have the best quality. 


Domestika has a great range of options for you. Let's see:

  • Individual Classes: Starting from $20 to $70, you can find classes of all you can think of; crochet classes? Or photography? Domestika has it.
  • Monthly Plus Membership: For $12, this plan offers you the following:
  • 1-month credit to exchange for a course
  • Access to 100+ courses.
  • 20% extra savings on courses and bundles.
  • Exclusive content and resources, like newsletters with all the updates, upcoming courses, and additional materials.
  • Option to purchase other credits. 
  • Certificate.
  • Annual Plus Membership: For $100, you can enjoy the same benefits as the Monthly Plus Membership, but you will pay with a discount equivalent to three monthly payments. 
  • Bundle Options: You can find a promotion with this option. You can enjoy an additional discount by buying more than one course on the same topic.

You can set bundles or customize bundles.

The price will depend on the courses selected.

  • Domestika for Business: With this plan, your company group or education center can learn with Domestika courses. You can also have the following:
  • Up to 50 logins for Domestika courses
  • You can distribute the logins among the members of your organization however and whenever you like.
  • When members of your organization complete courses, they will get a certificate.
  • You will have complete control of any logins.
  • If you are looking for a personalized service, Domestika can make that possible. You can choose between these options:
10 logins$156 annualDashboard, Login management, Student Tracking, Certificates
20 logins$256 annualDashboard, Login management, Student Tracking, Certificates
50 logins$556 annualDashboard, Login Management, Student Tracking, Certificates and Personalized Service
Over 50 loginsContact with DomestikaDashboard, Login management, Student Tracking, Certificates, Personalized Service, Offers and discount
  • Domestika courses as a gift: If you want to give a course as a gift, ¡Domestika gives you that option too!

Just search the course and select the Buy as a gift button.

The option to gift a bundle is available too.

And if you're not sure about the courses. ¡you can purchase a gift card!

The best part is that the Gift codes do not expire.

How to teach in Domestika

The first thing you should know about this is that a team of Professionals is responsible for reviewing every proposal in detail to ensure that it meets Domestika's quality standards.

You just need to send all the information the platform asks for, and they will do the rest.

Affiliate Program

This program is designed for streamers or content creators with an audience.

You can earn money by sharing any content Domestika publishes, from courses to the news. So if you want to know how it works, keep reading:

  • You can Handpick courses from a large variety of disciplines for your followers.
  • Choose what works best for you to engage your viewers.
  • You will be able to make monthly money with each sign-up and course purchase from your channel.
  • You will also have access to a private affiliate forum, where Domestika's team will share new ideas and publish new content several times a week.

Pros vs. Cons


  • High-quality video and courses
  • Large community
  • Extensive options for creative courses
  • The instructors are professionals with years of experience
  • It's very economical, almost all the time, with 75% off.
  • You have a lot of options to pay
  • You can watch what the courses are about and read the reviews 
  • You can get ideas for future projects from forums
  • Loads of downloadable content. 


  • The language barrier.
  • Most of the courses are in Spanish, and they don't have the best transcription.
  • There's no free trial.
  • The Domestika app lags on Android phones.
  • Some courses ask you to buy expensive materials. Take that in mind first.
  • Although feedback from instructors is expected, sometimes they only interact with some of them.

Final Thoughts 

So, what's the final veridic?

Domestika is a platform that offers you many options, from subscriptions to courses The platform has more than 2000 courses, instructed by professionals with years in the field who will teach you loads of details about subjects they are passionate about.

Domestika also depends on what you're looking for. If you are interested in improving your photoshop skills, finding a new hobby or any artistic class, Domestika is the place for you.

Access 2,701+ video lessons. Instantly.
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