Short Exercises to Boost Your Creativity

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Updated on: January 23, 2023

Being creative is different from finding a 4-leaf clover! Nor is a gift that Olympus gods gave to certain people. We are all creative! 🤩🙌 Yes, you too! The difference is our process of finding solutions to problems. That's why doing short exercises to boost your creativity will be so helpful for you!

So, what is creativity? The ability to develop new ideas, ways of doing things, or knowing the world. It is a way to express ourselves, produce innovative concepts and transform realities.

This ability is no longer strictly associated with the artistic world. Creativity is a competitive advantage in any field of action: education, research, sports, and work. So if you want to be successful, develop your creativity!

Each person has or has developed more than one type of creative thinking.

1. Convergent creative thinking: It helps you choose between several options. You can find the common points of different ideas and arrive at a single solution through logic and abstract thinking.

2. Divergent creative thinking: You generate as many ideas as possible to answer an open question. Then, starting from a premise and deducing, you try to obtain many options.

3. Creative mimetic thinking: If you have this type of thinking, you tend to replicate ideas from one field to apply them in another discipline and thus obtain new results.

4. Intuitive, creative thinking: Intuitive thinking puts the well-known sixth sense to work. You silence your analytical side, empty your mind and let your ideas flow from intuition.

5. Narrative creative thinking: This thought could also be called storytelling. Using your ability to tell compelling oral or written stories to explain solutions.

6. Analytical, creative thinking: If you are a cool-headed person, this is your type of creative thinking! You divide your problems into parts, establish priorities, analyze the situation and thus arrive at the solution.

7. Rough creative thinking: You have a thousand ideas, but these need a solid foundation. Your thinking works as the catalyst for solutions to come later.

8. Conceptual creative thinking: You connect the dots with this kind of thinking. You identify patterns between elements with unclear relationships and find different solutions.

9. Analog creative thinking: If you are always looking for similarities between different situations or objects, it is your type. This helps you generate innovative ideas by fusing elements.

10. Janic's creative thinking: It consists of having a concept in mind and looking for an opposite or equivalent counterpart. Thus you manage to conceive two ideas of different but even elements.

11. Creative systemic thinking: This thought process allows us to access the necessary tools to perceive what surrounds us, analyze it and understand it.

12. Metaphorical creative thinking: This way of thinking is used in poems or to explain complex concepts. You use it by associating situations or elements that represent your examples with simpler words.

13. Logical, creative thinking: It is also called vertical thinking and is based on the rules of logic. Your ideas are linked to each other with justifiable arguments. You use your analytical skills a lot.

14. Lateral creative thinking: It is opposed to vertical. In this, let your imagination fly and analyze little. Ideas are more disruptive because they are not logically related to each other.

15. Artistic, creative thinking: It is linked to creating artistic works such as music, dance, painting, and cinema. You can develop it empirically or by learning the discipline.

16. Soft creative thinking: You are open-minded! Willing to see things differently. You tolerate contradictions quite well. It is a more imaginative, abstract, and metaphorical creativity. 

17. Hard creative thinking: In contrast, hard thinking does not accept contradictions when creating ideas. It leaves no room for loose ends. Everything must be logical, exact, and applicable to practice.

Have you identified your type of creative thinking? You may have one or more 😎. In addition to knowing how to find more solutions, you need to develop your ability. A simple and practical way to do it is through exercises that boost your creativity.

Benefits of creativity exercises: 

As easy as they may seem, exercises to boost your creativity bring multiple benefits not only in your studies or work. Developing your creative thinking will help you solve all kinds of problems. If you get lost while traveling, make it up with your partner, find diverse ways to make money, and more! 

Improve cognitive flexibility: 

Creativity exercises increase your brain's ability to adapt to situations or unexpected environments. Also, you restructure past knowledge while assimilating new learning.

Multidimensional ideation:

By practicing creativity exercises, you can find advanced solutions for repetitive problems. In addition, this will help you think of ideas outside your field of work or study.

Accept new challenges:

How many times have you said: I am not creative 😭. But, hey, you, we can all be creative! With creativity exercises, you will be the first to want to participate in innovation challenges.

Boosted teamwork:

Creativity exercises will make you discover new facets of your team. They will help you improve your communication and problem-solving skills, create bonds, and have fun!

A practical way to do it is through exercises that boost your creativity. Let's see them! 

Short exercises to boost your creativity

💡 Write a six-word story. Attributed to Ernest Hemingway, who wrote, "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." Think of something you like and summarize it in 6 words. Do it daily for a week. 

💡 Draw your favorite fruit with a different technique. Use charcoal, markers, watercolors, pastels, or pencils. Do it for at least 7 days. In the end, you will have an art gallery!

💡 Translate one medium into another. Take your sketchbook to a concert or dance and draw ideas that come to mind while you assist the show. 

💡 Collect several things from your recycling bin. Use them to make an abstract sculpture. Make a different one every week; you can destroy them if you don't like them. It's relaxing!

💡 Do you cook at home? Choose your favorite recipe and change an ingredient. You can serve the food creatively, giving height to your dishes. Edible flowers are lovely for dish decorations!

💡 Use a different route to go to work or college. Take pics of objects and places you like. Feeling inspired? Boost your Instagram profile with your pics and these powerful captions

💡 Draw what you really see. Instead of looking at the paper while drawing, look only at your hand. Draw its creases, folds, and marks. Enjoy the process, not just the result.

💡 Take a famous movie title and change one word. Then create a synopsis for that movie keeping things from the original but adding your ideas.

💡 Your morning in 2048. Take your phone and record in 1 minute what your future routine will be like. For example, imagine what news you would listen to or what you would eat.

💡 Make a new alphabet. Draw the letters and recreate sounds. As seen in dictionaries. Then write your name with this alphabet. Make a new word every day for two weeks.

💡 Get inspired by nature. Go for a walk or look up images on the internet. Use shapes, textures, and patterns to think of new tools, gadgets, or buildings as Gaudí did!

💡 Is there an old dictionary in your library? Take it, open any page and choose 1 word. Look at the word before and after. Then, create a story using those 3 words. Also, try it in another language!

💡 Redesign a webpage on a post-it. Choose a site of a brand you like. Rethink sections, images, or buttons. The only condition is that you do it inside your post-it.

💡 You did this as a child! Look at the clouds and imagine figures. Do it from your window, or throw yourself out on the grass. Associate the figures with songs or works of art!

💡 Use a canvas without limits. Learn to create digital art and illustrations. In addition, it is friendly to the environment. 

Did you like the ideas? They are easy to do, take little time and give you a lot! So don't wait any longer, and start boosting your creativity. It's never too late!

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