Top 8 Best Skills to Learn For Students 2023

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Updated on: January 18, 2023

Some people love to study and others hate it. Usually, when you don't like something it's because you're not very good at it, or because you are not interested. Are you passionate or not so much? If you are passionate, you surely are reading this article looking to be a better student every day. And if you are not, you may have realized that to achieve your goals it's necessary to study and improve yourself.

School years are often filled with fond memories, soulmates, inspiring teachers, and academic competition too. The knowledge you acquire here, and the skills you develop will guide you for many years. Also, your grades will be very important in landing your first job, or when applying to graduate school. Being a great student will even help you  to qualify for better scholarships. 

The truth is that, to become excellent in school, studying is not enough. But don’t worry, you don’t need Stephen Hawking’s IQ either. You need specific skills to succeed, and many of them can be learned. Keep in mind that your attitude also influences your performance, so make it your superpower.

Before discovering the top 8 best skills to learn for students, it is important that you identify what type of learner you are. This will help you find the most effective ways to acquire new knowledge. Also, it will give you ideas to implement in your study groups, to share with your trusted teachers, and even to personalize your self-study.

The main categories are: 

  1. Visual learners
  2. Auditory learners
  3. Kinesthetic (or hands-on) learners
  4. Reading and writing learners

Visual learners

You get information best when visualizing relationships and ideas. Mental maps, charts, diagrams, and even essays work well for you. Illustrating or diagraming your lectures on a whiteboard or paper will help you to absorb the information much better.

Auditory learners

Dude, you are all ears! You prefer listening to information rather than reading it or visualizing it. You may repeat things you hear out loud. It’s easy for you to remember things best if you talk about them because it will be easier to recall a conversation than text. 

Kinesthetic learners

You are the most hands-on learning type. You learn best by doing and maybe don’t feel comfortable if you are forced to sit for a long time. You shine when participating in activities or solving problems in a hands-on manner. You tend to remember what you do best.

Reading & writing learners

For sure you are especially comfortable with the written word! You prefer to consume information by reading and may further retain more by condensing and rephrasing it. The traditional textbook and annotation process works well for your learning style.

After having detected what type of learner you are, here we have the top 8 best skills to learn for students 2023:

  1. Time management
  2. Introspection
  3. Goals setting
  4. Failure dealing
  5. Partner with teachers
  6. Meaningfulness
  7. Self-care
  8. Open mindset

Let's dive into each of these skills! As you read, we invite you to do a simple self-test to determine your level in relation to each one. Rate how you perform in each skill with 1 being the lowest score and 5 being the highest.

1. Time management

No matter where you are, there are only 24 hours in a day. Effective time management requires:

  • Taking only what you can handle.
  • Estimating the time required to perform each task.
  • Prioritizing what needs to be done.

2. Introspection

Be comprehensive and honest with yourself. It’s recommended to set a frequency for your introspection sessions. 

  • Being in charge of your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.
  • Identifying and facing your insecurities. 
  • Shaping a positive self-image.

3. Goals setting

Goal setting keeps you away from distractions. Note that incremental goals are more effective than large ones. 

  • Setting realistic and achievable goals.
  • Rewarding yourself for completing your milestones.
  • Incorporating feedback from each small win.

4. Failure dealing

While undesirable, failure is normal and necessary. A helpful approach is not to avoid failure, but to change the way you perceive it.

  • Analyzing the reasons and size of the failure.
  • Accepting and overcoming painful emotions.
  • Standing back to look at the lessons you can learn from failing. 

5. Partner with teachers

Teachers are not your enemies, they are allies. In the future, you may need an academic recommendation to apply for scholarships. Who knows?

  • Joining research groups or academic initiatives.
  • Asking for help and feedback.
  • Sharing your strengths, interests, and challenges.

6. Meaningfulness

As a proactive student, you see your studies in the context of the wider world. “Listen and not question, memorize, and repeat” is a thing of  the past.

  • Placing your learning to real-world experiences.
  • Incorporating current affairs into your projects.
  • Connecting the lessons with your interests.

7. Self-care

It is very difficult to learn when in a state of stress, anxiety, or depression. It is very important that you set limits and seek balance in your life.

  • Respecting your routine to eat and sleep well.
  • Making time for fun and outside activities. 
  • Going easy on yourself and asking for support.

8. Open mindset

Having an open mindset does not imply that you are indecisive or dull. You are capable of considering alternative viewpoints. 

  • Trying to be free from prejudice or bias.
  • Feeling empathy for others.
  • Discussing conflicting perspectives respectfully.

Before we showed you the top 8 best skills to learn for students, we invited you to do a self-test on these  skills. It’s time to add up your scores. If your total score is between:

32 - 40: You are on fire, congrats! Keep doing it! 

24 - 31: Be calm. You need to work on specific issues. 

08 - 23: Give it a try! Find your motivations to learn.

Beyond the score you have obtained, here are 6 tips to be a better student every day:

  1. Ask a friend, adviser or family member to check your work. 
  2. Find a study group and say goodbye to your cheating buddies.
  3. Value the money you receive from your parents or supporters.
  4. Be patient with your progress, no matter how your pace is.
  5. Use a weekly planner to write assignments and establish deadlines.
  6. Learn as many methods of problem-solving as you can.

Anyone can be successful in school, no matter what others say. You already know what type of learner you are, and the skills you need to continue developing in 2023. It is up to you to put your mind and hands to work. You can do it!

Layla Saman is an accomplished educational content creator with over 6 years of experience developing digital products and programs. She has created thousands of articles, videos, and webinars in partnership with companies like Meta, Johnson & Johnson, and Cisco. Layla is driven by a passion for education as a tool to empower underserved communities. Her writing makes crucial digital skills accessible to diverse learners.
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