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Updated on: April 1, 2023

Are you a developer, graphic designer, or engineer and want to learn how to create websites, apps, logos, and more? Are you looking for a place to work in collaboration with your team? 

Well, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll tell you everything you should know about Figma and why it would help you reach everything you want; let's begin.

Figma is a web-based design platform that helps you create everything you can think of for website creation. 

So what makes Figma so much better than other platforms or software? Well, first, you have to know that it is the first of its kind and the only one that allows you to create an interactive prototype of your idea, providing an insight into how your product would look.

That sounds almost too good to be true. There is more. Figma will work on any operating system; Mac, Windows PCs, Linux Machines, Chromebooks, and more, allowing everyone to design, create, review, and edit Figma files. 

Created in 2012 by Brown University students with the idea of "enabling anyone to be creative by creating free, simple, creative tools in a browser," the software has gone much further. It is now one of the most used because it is collaborative. 

The collaboration aspect is so significant and unique that we have to put them one by one here:

  • You can collaborate in real-time, like in Google Docs, and see what they do. 
  • The communication system in Figma is Slack, making the interactions so much easier. 
  • Flexible Sharing is a thing with Figma; it can hold files, pages, or frames with anyone in the project, and the platform even arranges and organizes them.
  • Figma also shares real-time Updating, making the team aware of the latest changes. 
  • Figma provides Third-party Tool integration, which means anyone can use tools built by someone else. 
  • Review with Figma is excellent and straightforward; you can do it on the platform with in-app commenting.

The best of all this is that Figma offers a beginner's package for Free, yes, believe it! You can have unlimited personal files, collaborators, Plugins, widgets, templates, and even the mobile app. 

The platform also offers professionals, organizations, and contract sales profiles at most $100 per month, including private plugins and widgets, design system analytics, and more. 

Since Figma has a really open world of possibilities, you can use it in any operating system, it's collaborative, and you can even use third-party plugins. We want to share with you what you can do to master this platform:

  • Create designs for mobile and web interfaces
  • Prototype interaction
  • Edit and get feedback and collaboration on the go
  • Create efficient UI designs 
  • Design systems features
  • Create collaboration features
  • Organize research findings by creating diagrams
  • Create a design assembly line
  • Illustrate and build everything with it, even comics
  • Create games like Pictionary, Bingo, or Tic Tac Toe

What are the benefits of an Online Figma Course?

Because Figma offers a variety of features that can be used to create, share, manage designs, and everything you can think of, the possibilities with this platform are almost endless.

So if you want a creative vocation, Figma is definitely for you. If you wonder what kind of jobs you can get by mastering this software, we've got you covered; here is the list of jobs you can get with Figma:

  • Graphic designers
  • Senior Magento Frontend Engineer
  • UI/UX Visual Designer
  • Senior Frontend Developer
  • Freelance 
  • Web Designer 
  • User Interface Designer
  • Frontend Engineer
  • Senior Front End/UI Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Product Designer
  • Android Developer
  • UX Researcher
  • Software Engineer
CourseraCreate High-Fidelity Designs and Prototypes in Figma$39.99 per monthYes4.0
FigmasterThe World’s First Design Systems Workbook for Figma$249Yes4.9
Designer ShipMaster Figma and Build Confidence as a Product Designer$300Yes4.5
MavenGoing from Beginner to Advanced in Figma$300Yes4.1
SkillademiaFigma UI/UX Design $15 per monthYes3.7


Coursera - Create High-Fidelity Designs and Prototypes in Figma:

This course teaches you how to create high-fidelity designs into interactive prototypes that work like a finished product. 

You will have 6 weeks of class with approximately 39 hours of video, in which you will learn  

how to create mockups, conduct research to collect feedback, and finally learn how to share your designs with development teams to be able to put your work in your portfolio

This course has a final case study in which you will use everything you learned in a project.

Why we choose it:

  • Because it's offered by Google
  • It offers a certificate
  • Because besides teaching Figma, they also teach essential aspects such as UX/UI and visual design.
  • Because you will end up with a project


  • This course is the fifth of seven courses, so you could be a little lost if you only take this
  • The review is made by the same students and not by the instructor
  • There is no feedback
  • The course is only in English 
  • It can be too fast
  • the instructions given may fall short 

Figmaster - The world's first Design Systems Workbook for Figma

In this course, you will learn how to build your own design system from scratch by doing exercises in Figma.

This course has 5 modules, each with many exercises on building your modern design system. You will learn to create design tokens and turn them into Figma Styles, create components, create documentation components, build simple UI, and finally, how to work with a Team. 

Why we choose it:

  • Because of the format of the platform, learning - by creating
  • Because of the Instructor, Matt Wierzbicki, Product designer and creator of a lot of content for Figma
  • Because it's made for UI Designers, Design Teams, UX Designers, and Developers
  • Because it offers a certificate
  • Because you will end up with a finished product, you can add it to your portfolio.


  • It's not the typical way of teaching by videos; it's more practical 
  • If you don't have much understanding of Figma, you will be a little lost
  • The fifth module is only available in the team license

Designer Ship - Master Figma and Build Confidence as a Product Designer

In this course, you will learn how to design and build a design system from scratch and create an advanced responsive prototype with many tricks and tips, making the workflow in Figma easier.

This course has 8 modules and over 90 videos, with more than 10 hours of learning. 

This course goes from basic, like installing files, to building and interacting with your prototype. You will also learn about responsive UI design techniques, Figma files, and how to have an actual client project file.

Why we choose it:

  • Because it goes from basic to advanced
  • Because it has more than 4900 students
  • Because it has the backing of at least 5 high-end companies
  • Because it offers a certification
  • Because of the instructor Michael Wong "Mizko," a freelancer, designer, mentor, and educator famous for teaching youtube videos.


  • It's expensive
  • Even though it is considered one of the best courses, most people say it's not worth the money, and you can watch youtube videos instead.

Maven - Going from Beginner to Advanced in Figma

In this course, you will learn how to use Figma with projects focused on designing mobile products.

This course is designed to be finished in 4 weeks with lessons of 2-3 hours per week. First, the course will give a solid understanding of the basics, like projects, files, and frames. Then, you will learn the platform's features to design faster, understand the organization's components and publish flow, and finally, receive feedback and connect with other designers.

The course is created for Beginners, Content Designers, and Design Teams with self-paced lessons, projects focused on designing mobile products, and bi-weekly live design sessions hosted via Zoom.

Why we choose it:

  • It offers a certificate
  • The way the classes are designed is clear and short.
  • Because of the bi-weekly live session
  • Because the instructor
  • Because it's designed for almost anyone


  • It is costly
  • They won't give you extra material after the course is over
  • You will have to provide yourself with material for the projects

Skillademia - Figma UI/UX design

In this course, you will learn the principles of Figma and how to create excellent interfaces for mobile apps and websites.

This course has 13 sections, 103 lectures, and 44 hours of video teaching. The course will teach you from the beginning to advanced users, going from the principles of user interface design and prototyping, passing to design with Figma, and using it collaboratively until finally making a Netflix prototype.

This course is designed for beginners, designers, and developers who want to improve their abilities and expand their portfolios. Ultimately, you will have a project to show and a certificate.

Why we choose it:

  • Because is economic
  • Because you will get downloadable resources
  • Because it offers a certificate
  • Because the course is so big you can find from beginners to advanced lectures
  • Because you will get to do projects


  • It's not clear who is the instructor
  • Sometimes the quality is not the best
  • The lessons are too extensive and sometimes all over the place

Final Thoughts

The Figmaster, The World's First Design Systems Workbook for Figma, is our winner.

The Figmaster course is our winner because, in the first instance, it has modules and classes that go from basic concepts to creating projects with teams and looking at their prototype.

The second place it's the way of teaching. In Figmaster, they believe in "Learning by doing," so you can do a large set of exercises and create your guide style and component library simultaneously. With this format, you will get the most out of each lesson, learning the keyboard shortcuts, plugins, and techniques of working in Figma that will speed up your workflow.

Also, we must mention the instructor, Matt Wierzbicki, a product designer specializing in creating comprehensive design systems for Figma. What could be better than having an instructor who works for the platform? With his 5 years of experience in Figma and its systems and projects, Matt is an instructor who will significantly help you learn. 

Since this course is designed for UI Designers, Design Teams, UX designers, and Developers, we are sure it will help and instruct you in everything you want. 

And finally, the certification, this course gives a certificate of completion which you can share and add to your LinkedIn profile or CV to showcase your knowledge and professional achievements.

At the end of this course, you will know how to create a design system from scratch in Figma, understand the Style Guide, the Components like the auto layout and variants, you will learn how to generate documentation components and frames, how to build a simple UI and how to customize it and lastly to work with a design system in a team.

The Coursera or Skillademia courses are a great option to learn Figma if you want something more accessible or less expensive.

How we select our courses:

Since Figma is one of the most used design tools in the app development world, many e-learning platforms offer many courses. We are here to help you choose the best option for you.

We look at the list of lessons the course offers; if it's a complete course and it's worth it, it should cover everything or almost everything you should know about the platform or software to learn, considering basic and advanced knowledge. Also, the quality of the class and the teaching.

A great instructor is another one. The instructor should have years of experience in the field and teaching career, guaranteeing you a great experience and an excellent investment. 

It's crucial the way the classes are planned if they have exercises, projects, and feedback; all of this will help you to learn better, faster, and easier. Also, certification is essential in this course to demonstrate your knowledge and add it to your CV.

Are Figma Certifications Worth it?

They are worth it.

As it's considered that a developer, a graphic designer, an engineer, and so on should know at least the basics concepts and how to manipulate them, it's more than worth taking a class and getting a certificate.

Because it's explicitly created for UX/UI designers by designers and constantly tweaked and updated to improve performance, this platform it's believed to be the most important to know and understand.

A certification in Figma will demonstrate that you can use this impressive tool. You can be part of your desired job, and as this platform has infinite possibilities to design and test, you can do whatever you want with ease.

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