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Updated on: March 29, 2023

Are you interested in taking a Microsoft Excel course? Want to know if a course in 2023 is worth it? Well, keep reading. We're gonna tell you all about it.

This article will cover everything you should know about the best Microsoft Excel courses offered online, the prices, the pros and cons, and why it is considered crucial in the workplace. 

Excel is a spreadsheet program from Microsoft and a component of its Office product group for business applications. Microsoft Excel enables users to format, organize and calculate data.

But why is it essential to have Excel skills in the workplace? First, because it's wide-ranging, you can do it for everything, from communication skills to leadership and marketing.

Excel is the fastest and easiest way to put op information in matrices, this program can be used in various tasks, and anyone who performs a job that requires organization and analysis will use it. 

So if you're considering doing an Excel course to improve your CV, this article is for you. 

What are the benefits of an Online Excel Class?

If you're still doubting about the excel course, check this out:

According to Microsoft, more than 1.1 billion people use Microsoft Productivity Services, which includes Microsoft Excel, and in 2022 57% of businesses used Excel. 

You don't need to be an office worker to use Microsoft Excel. Everyone can benefit from this program, including:

  • Teacher
  • Musicians
  • Photographers
  • Journalist
  • Teachers
  • Influencers 
  • Bloggers
  • Researchers
  • Writers
  • Engineers
  • Painter

With Microsoft Excel, you can create schedules, perform financial accounting, store contact information, identify trends, handle large amounts of data, monitor payments, and more.

UdemyMicrosoft Excel: Excel From  Beginner To Advanced$108,15Yes4.7
SkillshareMicrosoft Excel Essentials: Level 1 Basics - Master Excel Step-By-Step Learn Excel Fundamentals$32 monthly subscriptionNo4.5
CourseraExcel Skills For Business Specialization$53 monthly subscriptionYes4.9
New Skills AcademyThe Complete Microsoft Excel Certification$290Yes4.2
SkillademiaMicrosoft Excel$15 monthly subscriptionYes4.3
Go SkillsMicrosoft Excel 2019 - Basic & Advanced$17 monthly subscriptionYes4.6


Udemy - Microsoft Excel: Excel From Beginner To Advanced:

In this course, you will see Microsoft Excel starting from the basics, like building a solid foundation to give you knowledge as you progress to intermediate and advanced-level topics.

Why we chose it: 

We choose this course because of its 4 different paths, going from the introduction to Excel to Mastering the program Macros and VBA in 6 simple projects:

  • 18+ hours of step-by-step video lectures
  •  For the top companies that use this course for their employees  
  • Because of the instructor Kyle Pew, which is a Certified Trainer.
  • It has 1,181,020 students.


  • It is more for beginners than for advanced students
  • The course tries to cover everything, but its too fast or too confusing

Skillshare - Microsoft Excel Essentials: Level 1 Basics - Master Excel Step-By-Step Learn Excel Fundamentals: 

In this course, you will develop skills in Microsoft Excel that every job this day demands.

You will design a project from scratch, using basic foundations, with classes of 3-5 minutes.

Why we choose it: 

  • The 20 years of experience of instructor Alan Jarvis in teaching and holding senior management positions in Times Top 100 companies.
  • bite-size lectures
  • The quizzes and activities to refresh and activate learning
  • It's one of the best courses for beginners in Excel.
  • You have lifetime access to the course.
  • It has 21,350 students. 


  • Basic knowledge
  • The course doesn't work with an updated version of Excel
  • It needs to be clarified to whom the class is directed. It would be better if it is mentioned with an overview. 
  • No certification

Coursera - Excel Skills For Business Specialization:

In this course, you will learn Excel Skills for Business and add to your portfolio.

This Specialization will teach you one of the most critical and fundamental digital skills today. In addition, you will develop advanced Excel Skills for Business. At the end of this, you can design sophisticated spreadsheets and perform complex calculations.

Why we choose it:

  • Because of their content, it's comprehensive and well-organized
  • Because it's focused on business application
  • Because it's not just a course, Macquarie University offers this Specialization.
  • Because of the structure of the Specialization, having 4 courses. Going from essentials to advanced.


  • The exchange between professor and student is inconsistent
  • Although the last lesson is for advanced people, it's still very basic
  • This course is not the best for Mac users.

New Skills Academy - The Complete Microsoft Excel Certification:

In this course, you will learn how to use and be an Excel expert.

You will get basic, advanced, and practical learning. First, you will learn concepts and how to create, copy and cut information; after, you will learn advanced concepts like formulas and data validation; and finally, you will start doing practical work.

Why we choose it:

  • Because it covers more than just basics and advanced, you will see how to use it in your work and business.
  • Because it's well made, the instructor will guide you through every formula and description step-by-step
  • Because of their teaching method, mixing video classes and exams. 


  • It's way more expensive than any other course but not worth it.

Skillademia - Microsoft Excel Megacourse: Beginner to Expert 2023:

This course will teach you how to use Microsoft Excel effectively and quickly.

In this course, you will learn everything you should know about Microsoft Excel, like essential functions, the use of cells, the principles, and formulas, to more advanced stuff, like the budgetary system and worksheets.

This course is perfect for everyone, from someone with no experience to professionals wanting to learn new tools of Excel.

Why we choose it:

  • Because of the 14.5 hours of video learning material in the course.
  • Because it has a very clear way of teaching, with step-by-step details
  • Because it's not expensive
  • Because you will get basic, intermediate and advanced information in just one course
  • Because of their extracurricular material for learning.


  • Some lectures can be very long, like 20 or 30 minutes.
  • Although you can refresh and learn new tools, this course is more for beginners.
  • You don't have an overview of the course.

Go Skills - Microsoft Excel 2019 - Basic & Advanced:

In this course, you will learn how to make the most of one of the most unique and complete programs, Excel. 

This course will teach you how to navigate the Excel interface, use formulas and shortcuts, get data ready for analysis, find important information fast, use charts and graphs, create Pivot Tables, learn all about XLOOKUP and Dynamic Arrays, and much more. 

Why we choose it:

  • Because it's accredited and approved by the CPD and Microsoft Partner
  • Because of the 26 hours of material
  • Because the quality of video and teaching is high
  • Because you can get fundamental to advanced classes
  • Because of the incredible instructor, Ken Puls.


  • They work with past versions
  • It's a little bit short
  • They don't offer a project

Final Thoughts

The Coursera Excel Skills for Business Specialization course is our top one in this category. Why? Well, the first thing you should know is that this is not just a course. This is a Specialization offered by Macquarie University. 

This Specialization offered by Macquarie University is focused on learning skills for business, so if you're interested in getting noticed for job interviews in the business sector, this is what you're looking for. 

A Coursera Specialization is a series of courses; you can choose the course you want or do all the Specialization directly.

One of the best things about this Specialization is that you'll learn basics and advanced. In the end, you have a Hands-on Project; the project will challenge you to use advanced formula techniques and sophisticated lookups.

These kinds of projects can benefit you a lot since you will learn and gain a certificate, and also you can put it in your CV and portfolio.

The instructors in this Specialization are professionals with years of experience in business schools and teaching people.

The last thing that is a significant win is the choice of courses at your convenience. You can choose what's best for you, skip the introductory course if you already know the principles of Excel, and just take the advanced one. Also, it is super flexible. You have 6 months to complete it and can even pause it. 

How we select our courses:

Since Microsoft Excel is a popular and well-known program, plenty of classes and courses are on the market. For this, the first thing we notice is the individual reviews to ensure the general view of the course.

Of course, the structure, quality, and instructor of the course are fundamental; we check the credentials of the teacher and the professionalism in the quality of the classes.

Including material throughout the course, like quizzes, trivia, downloadable material, extra videos, projects, and so much more, is also essential.  

Are Excel certifications worth it?

Of course it is worth it. A certificate will show and recognize your work and abilities with the program.

Let's say you have years of experience but need proof of it. You can demonstrate your knowledge and skills to your employers and colleagues with the certification. Also, a certificate in Excel will make your profile stand out more since Excel can accommodate any type of job.

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