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Fact-checked by Layla Saman
Updated on: March 30, 2023

Are you interested in the design, animation, 3D, and development industries? Or video editing, VFX, or engineering projects? Do you know what Blender is and if it's with it to learn it and have an accreditation nowadays?

Well, get ready. In this article, we will tell you everything about this program, if it's worth it, how you can use it, and the best courses you can find online.

Blender is a free open software that offers 3D and 2D creation features, like modeling, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing, motion tracking, video editing, and game creation. 

Blender Foundations is a member of the Open Invention Network, Khronos, Linux Foundation, and the Academy Software Foundation. 

It is also well known for its wide range of software suites covering motion graphics, Python scripting, game design, and sound design. Also, this tool is designed for the public to make small and significant changes to the code base, which leads to new features, responsive bug fixes, and better usability, and best of all is free. 

Due to its great adaptability in the Blender creation environment, it is considered one of the best software to learn today.

What are the benefits of an Online Blender Course?

There are many benefits to using Blender; first, you must remember that it is a free open source that relies on the community for many of its features. Of course, the most apparent feature is the 3D package, but this software offers a lot. 

The features that put Blender in competition with other software are Sculpting, Composition, Game Engine, and even Film and Sound Editing. 

Blender offers the whole package, and because of it, you can enter several jobs and industries with Blender skills and knowledge. There are the types of jobs that use Blender:

  • Designers
  • Animator
  • Editor
  • 3D Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • VFX artist
  • Video Game Designer
  • Character Designer
CgcookieBLENDER BASICS: An introduction to BlenderFreeNo4.5
UdemyBlender for Complete and Total Beginners$96 Yes4.9
SkillademiaBlender$21 monthly subscriptionYes5.0
SkillshareYour first day in Blender 3D$32 monthly subscriptionNo4.6
LinkedinBlender Essential Training$31 Yes4.5
Udemy The Blender 2.8 Encyclopedia$91 Yes4.7


CGcookie - BLENDER BASICS: An Introduction to Blender:

In this course, you're gonna learn the essentials of Blender. If you're a beginner in 3D graphics, this course will guide you through the first steps. 

You will see 3 chapters, the intro to 3D space, the edition of objects, and finally, the Blender way. And at the end of this course, you can comfortably navigate Blender 3D and have a solid understanding of the software.

Why we choose it:

  • Because of the Instructor, Jonathan Lampel, an awarded 3D Artist.
  • It has more than 14 million downloads.
  • It's sponsored by big companies like Adobe, Facebook, and Epic Games.
  • It's free


  • No offers certificate
  • It's only for beginners
  • Not so much extra material

Udemy - Blender for Complete and Total Beginners:

In this course, you will learn the fundamental concepts of 3D art, Blender, and all the essential 3D modeling, texturing, and rendering tools. 

This course will start walking you through the software's basics step-by-step to familiarize you with the tools; after this, you will learn the creation pipeline and start creating full 3D scenes from start to finish.

At the end of this course, you will know all the fundamentals and be ready to take Blender to another level.

Why we choose it:

  • Because it's updated continuously 
  • For its excellent rating and for its more than 4000 students
  • Because it's considered one of the best courses for beginners


  • It's not a great option for Mac users
  • The teaching style is a little too fast
  • It's the most expensive on the list

Skillademia - Blender:

This course teaches you how to work with Blender 3.0 with 129.5 hours of valuable material.

This course will cover the principles of mesh modeling and advanced modeling techniques, textures and materials, 3D environments, sculpting, lighting, and rendering in different scenes and to create characters. 

Why we choose it: 

  • Because of the excellent 15 downloadable extra material
  • Because it covers everything from beginner to advanced
  • For their very in-debt beginner training
  • For the good price
  • Because it covers the new version of Blender


  • There needs to be more information about the instructor.

Skillshare - Your First Day in Blender 3D

In this course, you will learn the basics of Blender's interface to understand the software's layout. 

This course covers skills traditionally used in animation, motion design, video design, interface, modeling, lighting, rendering, and animation.

Why we choose it:

  • Because of the quality of the videos and audio
  • Because it's an excellent option for you to understand every software tool.
  • Because it's clear and every lesson is organized


  • It's a short course compared with the others
  • It's a little too fast for beginners
  • Overload of information for beginners

Linkedin - Blender Essential Training

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of modeling, animating, and rendering 3D in the open-source software Blender. 

This course will teach you how to create and edit basic objects and work with modifiers, subdivision surfaces, apple materials, and textures; also, you will see lighting in 3D scenes, the setting of the cameras, animation of objects, and assembling of basic character rigs.

Why we choose it:

  • Because you can add it to your Linkedin profile
  •  Because of the instructor, George Maestri. President and Creative Director of the Los Angeles animation studios Rubber Bug.


  • It's more for beginners.
  • There's no project in the course.
  • It's a short course.

Udemy - The Blender 2.8 Encyclopedia:

In this course, you will learn how to use the free 3D modeling and animation package Blender. You will learn all the tools to create anything in 3D and put it all into practice with a step-by.step project.

This course will teach you every tool, how to use it, and why to use it, and you will be guided through all the projects in which you will practice how to model, shade, and render in 3D.

The Blender 2.8 Encyclopedia will take you from basics, intermediate, to advanced in a fun and easy way.

Why we choose it:

  • Because of the 53 hours of material
  • For the instructors, Lee Salvemini, Chris Plush, and CG Masters.
  • For the extra material
  • Because of the additional projects


  • It could be a little too fast for beginners
  • It's not for Mac users
  • The quality of the course lacking with the instructor Lee Salvemini

Final Thoughts

The Skillademia Blender course is the winner for us in this category.

This course will introduce you to everything you should know about Blender, from basics, like the basics of 3D space, modeling, sculpting, texturing, and lighting, to an advanced level, in which you will be able to bring your ideas from concept to a finished and finalized model ready to use for a game engine or animation.

This course can be for people with zero experience in animation, artists and game developers, and anyone wanting to advance in their career with animation, character design, and 3D environments. 

You will get a crafted syllabus and 15 extra downloadable resources to complete the course quickly. Also, you will have a finalized project to put in your portfolio and a certificate.

At the end of this course, you will be able to work professionally with Blender, use advanced modeling, sculpting, and rendering techniques, create your own textures and materials, render and create your own game assets, and create your own 3D characters and environments.

However, we consider all the courses worthwhile; each has good points that may appeal to other students. Some are for beginners, others for advanced. It depends on what you are looking for in each one. 

How we select our courses:

Blender is software that many people want to learn nowadays; many online learning platforms offer these courses. We're here to help you choose one that will fit you. 

The most important things we look for when searching for suitable courses are structure, quality, and instructor. The instructors must be professionals with years of experience in the field, and the courses must have a high-quality standard.

The extra materials, projects, and certifications make the courses even more important because they ensure that your teaching will reach a more advanced level in an easier and faster way; in addition to this, at the end of the course, you will have the certificate and a new project to add to your portfolio.

Are Blender Certificates worth it?

We think yes!

As the world grows in technology, there's a blast in learning new ways to make creations come to life; that's why Blender is a good option; it's free, and you can use it for whatever you want.

As we already told you, Blender being unbelievably popular among artists, game developers, designers, and so on, really offers you what other platforms don't. 

This software applies to various uses, like creating assets, objects, scenes, environmental settings, complex characters, etc. Also, you will get to create and design whatever you want in a unique, high-quality, and detailed way.

Having a certificate in Blender will open many doors if you are looking for a job, whether you want to work as a freelancer, in a team, or in a company. The most common works include creating and selling models, game development, and design.

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