Adidas Affiliate Program in 2024: Everything You Need to Know

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The Adidas affiliate program presents an exciting opportunity for online marketers and influencers to earn commissions by promoting Adidas products.

As one of the world's leading sportswear brands, Adidas has established itself as a household name, offering a wide range of high-quality athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories. Also, It has one of the highest-paying affiliate programs out there. 

So, if you are considering making some money with the Adidas affiliate program, read along to see if partnering with one of the most recognized sports brands in the world is worth it.

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What is the Adidas Affiliate Program?

The Adidas affiliate program is a popular affiliate marketing program that allows individuals to earn money by promoting Adidas products online. As an affiliate, you can generate income by sharing your unique Adidas affiliate link on your website, blog, or social media channels. When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission on the sale.

The commission structure of the Adidas affiliate program is straightforward. Affiliates receive a percentage of the sale price for each product purchased through their unique link. The exact commission rate may vary depending on the specific product category and any ongoing promotions, but affiliates can expect to earn a competitive commission on each successful sale, typically between 7% and 10% of the net purchase.

One of the key advantages of the Adidas affiliate program is the global reach and reputation of the brand. Adidas is recognized worldwide for its high-quality athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories. By partnering with Adidas as an affiliate, you can leverage the brand's popularity and trust to attract customers and increase your earning potential.

Why Join the Adidas Affiliate Program?

Joining the Adidas affiliate program offers numerous benefits. 

One of the most significant advantages is the incredible brand recognition that Adidas enjoys worldwide. As a household name in the sports and fashion industry, Adidas inspires trust and loyalty among its customers, making it easier for affiliate marketers to promote their products — and monetize.

Adidas has a diverse product catalog, including shoes, clothing, and accessories. This selection allows you to cater to various target audiences and increase your chances of making sales. Compared to other affiliate programs like Nike, Adidas offers competitive commission rates, providing affiliates with the opportunity to earn substantial revenue.

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Is the Adidas Affiliate Program Worth It?

When considering whether the Adidas affiliate program is worth joining, it's essential to evaluate the pros and cons. As an affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn a commission by promoting Adidas products to your audience. However, it's crucial to compare the Adidas program to other sports and fitness affiliate programs to determine if it aligns with your niche and offers competitive benefits.

One notable alternative is the Nike affiliate program, which may provide different commission rates, cookie durations, and promotional resources. Assessing your earning potential based on your niche and audience is key to deciding if the Adidas affiliate program is a good fit for you. Also, keep in mind that succeeding as an affiliate requires time, effort, and a strong promotional strategy. 

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Adidas Affiliate Program Details

Here are the key details of the Adidas affiliate program:

Commission Rates and Payout Structure

  • Adidas offers commission rates typically ranging from 7% to 10% on qualifying sales made through affiliate links.
  • The exact commission rate may vary depending on the specific product category and any ongoing promotions.
  • Commissions are typically paid on the net sale amount of commissionable items, while some products like the Yeezy collection may be non-commissionable.

Cookie Duration and Attribution

  • The standard cookie duration for the Adidas affiliate program is 30 days.
  • This means you can earn a commission if a referred customer makes a purchase within 30 days of clicking your affiliate link.

Affiliate Dashboard and Tracking

  • Adidas provides an affiliate dashboard where you can generate affiliate links, view reports on clicks and commissions, and track your performance.
  • Affiliates can use the dashboard to optimize their promotions and identify top performing products and links.

Restrictions and Guidelines

  • Affiliates must comply with Adidas' terms and conditions which prohibit activities like bidding on Adidas brand keywords, using Adidas trademarks in domains or subdomains, and promoting Adidas products on websites with objectionable content.
  • Affiliates cannot use Adidas' copyrighted images or content without permission and must clearly disclose their affiliate relationship when promoting Adidas products.
  • Adidas may be selective in approving affiliates and typically looks for established fashion, sports, and lifestyle publishers that align with their brand.
  • If the guidelines are not followed, Adidas can terminate the partnership.

How to Become an Adidas Affiliate

If you're interested in becoming an Adidas affiliate, the application process is relatively straightforward. 

  1. To get started, you'll need to visit the Adidas affiliate program website and submit your application. The application will first ask for basic information about you and your website or social media channels where you plan to promote Adidas products.
  1. When filling out the application, be sure to provide detailed information about your audience and how you intend to market Adidas products. Adidas is looking for affiliates who align with their brand values and have a genuine interest in their products. Demonstrating a clear promotional strategy can increase your chances of being approved.
  1. Once your application is submitted, the Adidas affiliate team will review it and determine whether you're a good fit for their program. If approved, you'll receive access to your unique affiliate link, which you can use to promote Adidas products on your website or social media channels.
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To increase your chances of being accepted as an Adidas affiliate, focus on creating high-quality, engaging content that showcases your passion for the brand. Having an established audience and a track record of successful affiliate partnerships can also work in your favor.

What Products Can You Promote as an Adidas Affiliate?

As an Adidas affiliate, you have the opportunity to promote a wide array of products from the brand's extensive catalog. From classic sneakers like the Stan Smith and Superstar to innovative new footwear and sportswear releases, Adidas offers a range of options that can be enjoyable to different types of audiences. 

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To maximize your earning potential as an Adidas affiliate, it's essential to be aware of seasonal trends and new product launches. By choosing thoughtfully which products appeal more to your audience, you can build a successful affiliate marketing strategy with this iconic brand.

Maximizing Your Adidas Affiliate Earnings

To maximize your earnings as an Adidas affiliate, it's essential to think of effective strategies for promoting Adidas products. Here are some tips. 

  • Understanding your audience and tailoring your content and promotional strategies to their interests and preferences can help you build trust and credibility, increasing the likelihood of clicks and purchases, which will translate into earning commissions.
  • Creating quality content that engages and resonates with your audience. Product reviews, comparisons, and style guides are excellent ways to showcase Adidas products and encourage readers to click your affiliate links.
  • Optimizing your content for search engines is another key strategy for attracting organic traffic to your affiliate links. By targeting relevant keywords and providing valuable information, you can improve your search rankings and drive more potential customers to your Adidas affiliate links. 
  • Use various channels, such as social media, blogs, websites, and email marketing.  Utilizing a variety of promotional tools, to use your affiliate links, like social media posts, can help you reach a wider audience and drive more sales. 

By having a thoughtful affiliate marketing strategy that mixes high quality content with various key diffusion channels that appeal and work for your audience, you will have high chances of earning good commissions.

Adidas Affiliate Marketing Best Practices

To succeed as an Adidas affiliate, it's crucial to follow affiliate marketing best practices that prioritize authenticity, transparency, and compliance with brand guidelines.

  • Build trust and authenticity with your audience by providing genuine, valuable content and recommendations.
  • Disclose your affiliate relationships transparently, informing your audience when you use affiliate links or codes that may earn you a commission.
  • Stay up-to-date with Adidas brand guidelines and policies to ensure your content aligns with their brand identity and promotional strategies.
  • Collaborate with other affiliates and influencers who share your values to amplify your reach and create compelling content. This might even breaden your audiences, which is good not only for the commissions with Adidad, but for your online presence in general.
  • Monitor and analyze your affiliate marketing performance regularly, reviewing click-through rates, conversion rates, and commission data of your links or codes to optimize your strategies and maximize earnings. The Affiliates Program offers a Dashboard with tools to do so, so it is easy for affiliates to track their results.

By adhering to these best practices, you can build a thriving and sustainable partnership with Adidas, delivering value to your audience while earning commissions from their purchases.

Adidas Affiliate Marketing Tools and Resources

Adidas provides its affiliates with a comprehensive set of marketing tools and resources to help them effectively promote the brand's products. These assets include a wide range of creatives, banners, and product images that affiliates can use to create engaging content and drive sales.

It is important to note that the Affiliates Program is runned by a third party provider called This is an online platform that focuses on online partnerships, and has great experience with Affiliates programs with different brands. When an affiliate uses the platform, it is through Impact that they receive the marketing material from Adidas, and also Impact is the provider of the dashboard with all the insights needed to track performance. 

Moreover, affiliates can benefit from participating in affiliate marketing communities and forums.  These platforms provide a space for affiliates to connect with fellow marketers, share insights, and seek advice on various aspects of affiliate marketing. By engaging in these communities, Adidas affiliates can expand their network, stay up-to-date with industry trends, and learn from the experiences of successful affiliates.

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Final thoughts

The Adidas Affiliate Program is certainly a good option for earning some income if you have an online presence and if you and your audience are aligned with Adidas’ values and products. 

The main benefits from it are that the brand is iconic, so it is not hard to encourage action from your audience; the affiliate income is competitive amongst other affiliate programs (typically between 7 and 10%); and the cookie duration is very long (30 days), which elevates the earning potential.

Consider joining Adidas’ Affiliate Program if you enjoy creating content and connecting with people online, and if you are willing to design thoughtful plans to make it happen. It can be a very fun creative outlet that will translate into some well earned money, while offering quality products to your audience. 

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