What is a Vertex, Edge, and Face in Blender

Updated on: October 26, 2022

Hello, hello, little expert! Maybe you are wondering how your model works in Edit Mode and how you can transform it appropriately. Don’t worry; here is a brief context about understanding the difference between Vertex, Edge, and Face in Blender.

Before editing a Mesh, you need to understand how it is composed. So, let’s start with the vertex, which is every single point on your model. You can notice them in the Edit Mode, as every point highlighted in blue; you can select a vertex only by left clicking.

Image 23.1

Note: Remember that a vertex is also a location in a 3D space defined by coordinates values on the X, Y, and Z axes.

Now, press N to pull out the Side Bar. That allows you to view in numerical terms the 3D location.

Note: When you need to observe your coordinates, you’ll notice that they will always read them in this order: First, X-axis; secondly, the Y-axis; and, in the end, the Z-axis.

For example, when you have coordinates like this:

  • X= 2 (positive 2)
  • Y = 0
  • Z = 0

The model is two units from the world origin along the X location.

Image 23.2

That occurs in the same way with the other two grids.

Note: It is essential to understand these numerical values and how they work so you can edit your model in the best way possible.

A mesh is a set of vertices united between them. An edge is a line that links each point of every vertex.

Faces are the surfaces between the vertices and the edges and give the object a solid appearance.

You can change how you select each of the three things mentioned above by going to the upper left panel, where you will find the images corresponding to each of the selections you can make in Edit Mode.

Image 23.3

Remember, if you want to select some elements simultaneously, press Shift and drag over the items you want to select.And that’s it. Easy, right?

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