How To Use The Spin Tool In Blender

Updated on: November 29, 2022

Making copies and replications from a single object can be tricky, especially if you want them aligned into a perfect circumference. You can use some Modifiers to make that process quicker, but there’s a Tool that does it for you depending on how many duplicates you want. So open Blender, get ready and learn how to use the Spin Tool.

The Spin Tool makes duplicates of the selected elements, rotating around a specific point and axis. To access this tool, you must go to Edit Mode, go to the toolbar at the left, and search the Spin Tool icon, which is like green pizza.

Image 54.1

After clicking, you will see a manipulable blue arc with two plusses on each side. If you press either of those points and drag in a circle, you will get an array of duplicates around the center, similar to the method with Array Modifier, which was based on the location of an Empty Object and the origin of your main Mesh. In contrast, the Spin Tool functions simply by looking at wherever the 3D cursor is in your scene and rotating it around that.

Image 54.2
Image 54.3

You can access a few settings by opening the Spin Menu in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. The first option you get is “Steps,” and clicking its arrows just increases or decreases the number of duplicates being made. The next one is the “Angle” option, which specifies the grade swept in degrees; you can change the values only by clicking and hovering over it, or also you can control the angle with the white line in the viewport. Another function, in this Spin Menu, you can set the axis around which the replications are made only by changing to 1 the value of the axis you prefer.

Moreover, you can adjust the spacing of the duplicates by clicking and holding on to the whitish circle drawn in the middle of the viewport. And remember that the Spin operation can be performed a second time by clicking the blue plus again.

Last but not least, the Spin Tool can be used in entire models and single faces, which means if you have selected a face and clicked on the blue plus, you will extrude around. However, if you don't want the faces attached, go to the Spin Menu, and enable the "Use duplicates" option.

Image 54.4
Image 54.5

Remember, keep practicing to improve your Blender and modeling skills! Good Luck!

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