How To Use The Boolean Modifier in Blender

Updated on: November 25, 2022

Did you know that in Blender there is an option that can help you to merge objects and combine figures, no matter how odd the shape can be? This operation is possible thanks to Boolean Modifier. Keep reading and learn how to use it!

So, the Boolean Modifier is a way to automatically combine the data of two or more objects that otherwise would be too complicated to do manually. So, go to the properties panel at the right-hand of your viewport, click on the wrench icon, press on Add Modifier, and search on the Generate Category the Boolean Option.

Note: If you click only on a single figure and add the modifier, you can tell that nothing is happening because you haven't told Blender what the second object is yet.

Alright, you have two methods to add a second, third, fourth, or more objects as you consider. The first one is going to the Boolean Modifier Menu, clicking the dropdown arrow on the Object option, and selecting the following figure. The second is by clicking on the eyedropper and manually selecting the figure.

Image 44.1
Image 44.2

Thus, as you can see in the Boolean Modifier Menu, you can notice that Blender will set “Difference” by default, which means that it will cut the main object according to the shape of the second overlapping figure you choose. Also, the original model's cut position will change if you move the overlapping object.

If you change the setting to the Union option, you will discover that now the two figures are combined to compose a single model, and even if you hide the overlapping figure, you will still watch it.

And finally, if you set the Intersect option, it will only appear the inside part of the overlapping figure in the main object, deleting everything around.

Great! Now you can use this modifier to create a more complex model’s shape. However, remember that if you have a challenging model and want to use the Boolean Modifier, you can also change the Solver method according to what you think fits better.

Practice as much as you want and explore the other option you have with more Blender tutorials!

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