How To Use The Bevel and Inset Tools in Blender

Updated on: November 24, 2022

Refining a 3D model might be challenging sometimes. Making it seem smooth and well-made could be tough, so why not let the tools do the hard work for you? Relax and see how Blender automatically can round a surface or create an inset with the Bevel and the Inset tools.

Bevel Tool

Do you need to transform and correct rigid corners in Blender? Let’s begin with a default cube in Edit Mode. Then, click on edge edges, press Ctrl + B, and drag the mouse. Bevel is attractive because you can make some angle cuts.

Image 35.1
Image 35.2

The Bevel Tool is excellent for rounding the corners of a mesh, but you need to set it in the Bevel Menu, which you can find in the bottom left corner of your screen. When you click on it, you’ll pull up the advanced options of the tool.

Let’s focus on the “segments” option, which is like the “Number of cuts” in the Loop Cut Menu. So, when you increase that number, you’re telling the program how many times you want to perform the Bevel operation. Thus, as much as you add bevels, your objects will seem more rounded.

Image 35.3

Tip: If you want more rounded and soft corners, don’t forget to smooth them.

Inset Tool

To access this tool, press I (i) on your keyboard and pull the face inward. You will notice that you have made an inset quicker than in the Extrude Tool, in which you would have had to press the tool shortcut and S to scale the face without creating other looks. The inset tool is more valuable when doing complex operations in a single inset.

Image 35.4

So, if you need to make an inset in every single face of your model, just press A to select all, press I to inset, and drag your mouse until you think it fits you better.

Image 35.5

Note: If you do it and notice that nothing happened, press I again or go to the popup of the Inset Menu on the bottom left corner of your screen and select the Individual option to enable it.

Image 35.6

There you have it! Two amazing tools that will take your model to the next level!

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