How To Undo An Action in Blender

Updated on: August 26, 2022

Since you’re a beginner, this might come in handy as we expect — and hope — that you make some mistakes while learning Blender. In this article, we’ll show you how to undo an action in Blender:

You can undo any change by pressing CTRL + Z¸ and also any undone operation by hitting CTRL + SHIFT + Z. Blender can remember up to 50 steps back, so you always have plenty in case you made a mistake or just changed your mind mid-process.

You can also clear a specific Transform Operation. Let’s say, you selected your object, transformed it as you like moving it, rotating it, and scaling it, but then decided that, for whatever reason, you need it back at the center of the world.

You can’t just CTRL + Z your way back as it would undo your other Rotation and Scaling transformations as well. In these cases, you can quickly clear a transform by holding ALT + the Transform operation key. In the given example, it would be ALT + G, and it would quickly remove the Location Transform, clearing any location values and resetting them to 0, hence leaving it at the center of the world. You can also do this with the other Transform Operations. This means using ALT + S and ALT + R.

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Tip: You can also do this manually by going to the Transform Sidebar (pssst, remember you can access it by pressing N) and manually typing zero (0) in any of the values you want to reset.

Now you’re free to go and make as many mistakes you want. We’re convinced that they’ll help you grow in your career.

Lorena M. Rodas leverages her experience across film, writing, and production to make complex tech concepts accessible through storytelling. With a background spanning sci-fi, AI, and emerging tech, Lorena translates her depth of knowledge into engaging, educational content. She is an expert at decoding high-level topics to reach broad audiences.
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