How To Smooth a Surface in Blender

Updated on: August 28, 2022

Now that you’re happily adding objects into your scene, you might wonder why they have this “squared” look. Let’s say you add a sphere. You may wonder why it looks flattened and wrinkled. After all, it’s supposed to look round, right?

Don’t worry, here's how to smooth a surface in Blender!

One important thing to keep in mind when learning Blender is the Shading Modes that are available. In Blender, you can decide whether you want to draw objects with flat faces such as the sphere you’re looking at (which is the default for any new Primitive Object), or with smooth faces. To switch, just select the object on the viewport, then right-click on it to open the Object Context Menu, and select Shade Smooth.

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You can see you no longer have these hard edges on your sphere. To put it back is the same way: select the object, right click on it, and choose Shade Flat this time.

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That’s it! As you can tell, this is no rocket science but is something to always remember because, in the future, you might like to have a specific shading mode for any of your objects when modeling. Flat shading might be a desirable effect for hard surfaces, while for organic surfaces, you usually want your objects to look smooth.

Keep in mind that choosing between shading modes does not affect the geometry of your object, just how it looks on the surface!

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