How to set a Font in Blender

Updated on: December 6, 2022

Did you know you can add and transform a text in Blender? Of course, there are a lot of settings you can do with a Text Element. Nevertheless, there is one you can edit easily, and it directly affects how you look at it: the Font. Do you want to learn the essential setting of that property? Let’s go!

First things First, a text object in Blender is similar to a regular Mesh Object; that’s why you can add it from the Add Menu by pressing Shift + A in the viewport. However, don’t forget to go into Edit Mode when changing it and write whatever you want.

Note: Switch to Wireframe View to observe the edges and faces that your texts are composed of.

Due to the fact they’re just like standard Primitives, you can edit them with the common 3D tools for modeling. For example, In Object Mode, you can transform your Text Element with the regular transformations, which are Move, Rotate, and Scale. Note, though, that you can also edit your Text element directly by going to the Object Data Properties, that for Text Objects, will be represented by a lowercase “a” in the right-hand toolbar.

Once there, you can view some properties you can change. You only need to select the name of the property dropdown, and Blender will show some extra details about that specific function. Going, for example, into the Font dropdown will show you all the operations for all the font types:

●       Regular.

●       Bold.

●       Italic.

●       Bold & Italic.

The first thing you can set is changing the typography in Object Mode by clicking on the big F that will scroll down a list of typographies. 

Image 60.1

Note: If you only have the default font, nothing happens when you try to make a part of your text Bold or italic. Therefore, you must have a typography with these variations.

If you want to upload a new font, you need to click on the Open File icon, represented by an open folder, to bring up a browser where your computer saves all the fonts it has. After that, pick the typography you prefer and finally toggle the “Open Font.”

Note: If you want to search for a specific one, just click on the magnifier just on top of the pop-up window.

Image 60.2

Note: Be careful with strange icons, characters, and letters because Blender sometimes doesn't recognize some of them.

Now, when you access this section in Edit Mode, you can find some extra buttons corresponding to: Bold, Italic, Underline, and Small caps. To add them to your text, Select the text, press and hold the Shift key and an arrow key to select.

There you have it! It wasn’t that hard, right? Good luck!

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