How To Quickly Visualize Modeling in Blender When Working in Solid Mode

Updated on: October 6, 2022

When you start modeling in Blender, you get involved in an incredibly creative process, but sometimes it can be a little hard to observe all the elements you transform due to the greyish color that covers each of the objects you are creating. In the orthographic view, you may not even be able to identify your latest updates, and perhaps when you put a different perspective, it is a bit difficult to see the finishes of your figures. What a headache it can be! Why should everything be so difficult? Quiet, here is how to quickly visualize modeling in Blender when working in Solid Mode.

Before we begin, it should be made clear this can help while you are still editing and transforming objects and you need to point out some details to continue modifying in the Solid Mode.

So, we start by selecting the form, or the group of figures, you want to visualize quickly, then go to the de panel at the top right where you will find the different display modes, and at the end of them, you can see a dropdown arrow.

Image 19.1 min

Once this is done, you can find a small panel. At the end of it, you will see some alternatives to check, go to the option “Cavity” and click on it, then you can set the tool’s specifications until you feel comfortable with the result.

Image 19.2 min

You can also choose not to set at all this tool because only with that first click on “Cavity”, does the object show you some lines. The black line can be interpreted as the one at the bottom and the white line that is created with this tool shows the most front and external part, generating a sense of depth that can help you see better what you are editing.

Image 19.3 min

Now nothing can stop you, you can continue transforming all the objects you want to visualize more easily. Did you expect it to be that fast?

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