How To Extrude in Blender

Updated on: November 5, 2022

Do you want to make fantastic 3D models? Are you ready to exploit all your 3D modeling and creative potential? Then the Extrude Tool can take you to the next level!

Now, open a new blender scene and switch to Modeling (you can access this option on the principal Blender’s panel), you will work primarily in Edit Mode.

Let’s start by knowing that faces, vertices and edges construct a Mesh object. Having this in mind helps you to understand the tools that can affect and transform your object. So, if you want to create a rectangle with ten faces, you can extend one of them to make the figure you desire: select Face Mode in Edit Mode, pick the face you want to start from, press E wich is the Extrude Tool's shortcut, and pull out the face. Notice that you are creating new faces attached to the principal model without affecting or transforming the whole figure.

Image 27.1

With the Extrude Tool you can extend any face out from a mesh object; also, you can do it as much as you need and make a more complex shape, or select multiple faces simultaneously.

Advice: Don’t forget to click to fix the new faces location you have made with the tool.

Something you should know is when you extrude, you usually do it in a Normal Direction, which means that whatever direction a face is, the newest face will be.

Image 27.2

But if you want to extrude something at a funky angle, here you have two tricks: the first one is by pressing G to transform the face orientation and then extruding from that face modified. The second serves best if your object is aligned to some axis, so press E and then press X, Y, or Z, depending on the orientation of the axis you want. What it does is that the Extrude Tool will now appear in the direction of the axis you chose.

Image 27.3

If you put all of this into practice, you will expand your skills on Blender. So don't give up, and you will see how you’re becoming a real expert in modeling!

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