How To Delete a Vertex, Edge, Or Face Without Damaging Your Model on Blender

Updated on: November 8, 2022

Modeling in Blender has its own pros and cons. Sometimes it seems that you have everything solved, and other times, the program just wants to mess with you by not doing what you need. For example, removing something as specific as a vertex, an edge, or a face from your model. Well, don't worry anymore! Now you’ll learn how to delete something without damaging your model.

Deleting specific things usually uses the same principle as deleting whole objects, but because a Vertex, edge, and face can affect your whole model, the main recommendation is to make the whole process manually so you can be completely sure about what you're erasing. With this in mind, now go into Edit Mode, pick the vertex, face, or edge you want to remove, press X to bring up the Deleting Menu, and choose the option that fits you better.

Image 30.1

Warning: In the case of deleting vertices or edges, you are also deleting all faces that depend on them, while deleting a face just affects the face itself.

If you want to delete only a vertex or edge without destroying the face and making a gap in the object, select the “Dissolve” option:

Image 30.2 1

Warning: If you select many faces or edges and click on one of the dissolve options, the program won’t recognize how to dissolve it, so Blender may delete the whole figure. So, be as specific as you can and Blender will work better.

Don't forget to be careful and patient when using this kind of tool. Remember: they aren’t super accurate, but they'll get you out of trouble when you need them.

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