How To Create Trees in Blender

Updated on: September 28, 2022

When you start using a software like Blender, it may seem too tricky to build anything. Creating objects is often seen as an extensive process in which it may take an eternity to do something simple like a tree, for example. Well, think again! Now you can learn how to create trees in Blender.

So, the first thing to do when you open Blender as a new project is to create the base figure you will work on.

Tip: If it makes you more comfortable, you can also delete or hide the camera since this tool is not necessary for this process. Next, press Shift + A on your keyboard, select the Mesh Option and pick the cylinder.

Image 18.1 min

Then, move the cylinder until the bottom is sitting on the X-axis.

Image 18.2 min

This figure will be the tree trunk, but it looks a bit thick to be one. Don't worry. You can do it thinner by pressing S + Shift and Z to lock the Z value axis and drag, or you can also press S and Z to scale only the Z axis as much as you want.

Image 18.3 min

To make the cluster, you may want to go with the orthographic mode simply because it is a little easier to work. Remember, when working in this mode, you can give a more technical look to the structure you are creating.

You can press Shift and right-click into the cylinder on the point you want to start your cluster.

Image 18.4 min

Then, press Shift + A to select the Mesh option, but this time pick the Sphere and scale this with the exact steps you used with the cylinder.

Image 18.5 min 1
Image 18.6 min 1

Afterward, you can smooth the objects by selecting all: click on the two primitives, then make a right click to bring up the options menu, and finally choose Shade Smooth.

Image 18.7 min

Now you only need to make more leaves with Shift + D and move them out. You can also do more limbs by duplicating the trunk and scaling them to build your tree.

Image 18.8 min

Finally, don’t forget to click, drag all and press Ctrl + J to group all the elements you have made of the tree and name it.

Now you only need to duplicate the objects as often as you think necessary, then scale them as big or small as you want, and that’s it. You have made a tree from basic objects.

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