How To Create Trees in Blender

Also, it looks like an extensive process in which it takes an eternity to do something simple like a tree, for example. Well, no more, now you can learn how to create trees in Blender with simple objects.

So, the first thing to do when you open Blender as a new project is to create the main figure you are going to start.

Tip: You can also delete or hide the camera because this tool is not necessary for this process

For this case, we start pressing Shift + A >> Mesh >> Cylinder.

Image 18.1

Then, move the cylinder until the bottom is sitting on the X-axis.

Image 18.2

This figure is going to be the tree trunk, but it looks a bit thick to be one. Don't worry, you can do it thinner by pressing S + Shift and Z to lock the Z value axis and drag; or you can also just press S and Z to scale only the Z axis as much as you want.

Image 18.3

To make the cluster of leaves we need to go the one orthographic mode just because it is a little easier to work with. Remember, when you are working in this mode, you can give a more “technical” look to the structure you are creating.

We can press Shift and click right into the cylinder on the point we want to start our cluster.

Image 18.4

Then we press Shift + A >> Mesh >> Sphere and scale this with the exact steps we use with the cylinder.

Image 18.5
Image 18.6

Afterward, you can smooth the objects by selecting all by clicking the two objects >> Right click >> Shade smooth.

Image 18.7

Now you only need to duplicate the leaves with Shift + D and move them out. You can also do more limbs duplicating the trunk and scaling them to build your tree.

Image 18.8 1

Finally, don’t forget to click and drag all and press Ctrl + J to group all the elements of the tree, and name it.

Now you just need to duplicate the objects as many times as you think necessary, then scale them as big or small as you want, and that’s it, you have made a tree from basic objects that Blender offers.

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