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How To Create a Base Mirror Effect in Blender

Great designers and artists have always started with basic techniques, and one of them is creating reflections on pictures and buildings to make symmetrical things. Are you ready to become one of the greatest? With Blender, you can create fantastic things without complicating yourself! Here is an easy way to learn how to create a base mirror effect in Blender with simple tools.

There are two ways you can create this effect. For the first one, you'll have to:

  1. First, select the main element as a guide.
  2. Then, duplicate it by pressing Ctrl + D and G + Y (Or the letter of the axis you need).
Image 20.1 min
  1. Select the duplicate element.
  2. Press S to scale and then press Y again (or the name of the axis you need to flip on). 
  3. Finally, move the mouse to the right or left until you feel comfortable with the size.

Note: You can notice that while you move the mouse away, the figure will flip, and the arrow will indicate if it has turned around.

Image 20.2 min
Image 20.3 min

The second way is pretty much the same but with some shortcuts this time. With this technique, you will get a more accurate result and find it even easier!

  1. Press S + the letter of the axis you are working on.
  2. Hit - (minus) + 1 (number one).
Image 20.4 min

And there you have it! These shortcuts on Blender will help you streamline your modeling processes with a few clicks. If Leonardo Da Vinci had lived in this era, he surely would have appreciated this tip.

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